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Background information:



Nocturnal animals are fascinating but maybe less familiar as they come out at night while we are asleep!!  Look at the PPT below to learn more.

Now can you sort the activity sheets below to help you sort the Nocturnal an diurnal animals.


Talk about day time and night time.  What is the difference?  At night it is dark, why? (no sun!).  Using a globe and yellow ball explain how the earth spins and that the sun doesn’t move so when our part of the earth (show children where we are on globe) is facing the sun we have light and it is daytime, however as the earth continues to spin we move around and away from the sun and so we have less then no light and it becomes dark- night time!  Explain how the dark is always there but because of the sun and the way the earth spins when we face the sun we have day (!)


Brainstorm day time and night time activities.  Why can we only do those things at night/ in the day?  Are there any things on the list we could do in the day and at night?


Read The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark.  Can we discuss the story- how do the children feel about day and night?  Can we add any more ideas to our list.


Talk about how Plop looked at the stars, when do you do that (day or night)?  Referring back to earlier part of lesson explain how the stars are always there but we can’t see them in the day because of the sun.  Look at the constellations in the story and briefly explain what they are and that some people like to look at the stars and find al the different constellations.  Explain activity.


Use the PowerPoint to explore the appearance of constellations and then complete the Dot to Dot challenges below.


Watch Peace at Last:

Discuss all the things that have kept the bears awake?  How are they going to feel in the morning?  List all of the things we do in a day.

Night leads to day, day becomes night.  This happens over and over and has happened for all of time.  In History when we put things in order we create a timeline of your day from night to day, day into night.


Use the activity sheet below for ideas.


To design a home based on habitats using natural materials and deciding what man made ones will act as good substitutes based on their properties.


Refresh work done about hedgehogs and what we know about where they like to live. 


Look outside for materials a hedgehog may use to build their home.  Discuss the properties of the materials you have found.  Eg crunchy, dry, bendy, warm etc

Invent hedgehog and design a home for him/ her to live in.  Explain that children will use a mixture of natural and man made objects.  Use the design sheet and then make one in your garden!


What colours are the different animals that we are learning about this week?

Fox= orange

Owl= shades of brown etc

Search for images and notice the colours, textures and patterns of these night time creatures.


Can you choose a nocturnal animals and adapt the template below to make your own mask?


Do you like the dark?  Is it scary?


Why must it get dark?  How do you feel about night time and the dark?  Is it scary?  Why?  Is it mysterious?  Exciting?  Read the story below and discuss how Katie feels about the dark.  Highlight how there’s lots to like too.  Discuss how useful dark is for animals, some jobs, sleep, rest, nature etc.

List/ draw all the things we can only do/ enjoy at night using the activity sheet below.