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Some owls live in trees. A tree is their habitat.

There are two types of tree.

Deciduous and Evergreen.

Work through this PowerPoint to find out what these words mean.

Now go and see which trees you can find.

Click here before you go for some more ideas on how to identify trees.

Whilst on the tree hunt, examine the leaves you find carefully, and discuss with a friend/adult to decide on which type of tree you think it is.

You could use a digital camera to photograph the trees.

The photos could then be used, along with the leaf samples, to make tree identification posters.

You could even include some tree-specific adjectives on to your posters.


How about using the leaves you have identified to make your own tree-identification handbooks?

You could use your observational drawing skills to accurately draw each different leaf.


Here is a video giving us even more information about Evergreen trees.

Trees That Never Lose Their Leaves

Still image for this video

Now you are a tree expert, can you sort these leaf pictures into the correct box?

We are going to be learning about animals that are nocturnal. We found out last week that nocturnal animals sleep in the day and wake up at night. Why do you think they do this? Do you know which animals are nocturnal?


Let’s have a look at the power point at the bottom of this section to help us find out more.



Do you know what animals are called that are awake in the day?

They are called diurnal!

Have a go at completing the activity below on nocturnal and diurnal animals.



We are going to have a go at making our own bird’s nest. We need to find lots of natural materials that a bird might use. Have a look at how they do this.

Birds nests

Find out more at the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) 

Now look at some other places that different birds build their nests. Watch this clip on

our planet





Let’s go outside and find some of the materials we need. Use the resource below to help you do this. Don’t forget they have to be big and cosy enough for a bird to fit in.