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Can you find Madagascar on the world map?

Circle it on the sheet below and find out if it is near to us in Great Britain.

Madagascar is a beautiful island with lots of different landscapes.

Click here to find out about them.


Watch the video again but this time have the empty map of Madagascar in front of you.

You are going to need to know your compass directions. There is a PowerPoint below to remind you.

Can you put the different landscapes on to the Madagascan map? For example The mountains run down the middle of the island.

You could use a ‘key’ on your map – what shape could you use for the mountains? A triangle?

Geography Continents and Oceans 


We are going to be finding out about the seven continents and the oceans that surround them. Have a look at the lessons below to find out more.
What is a continent
Now lets find out about the five oceans
What is an ocean
Do you know where each continent and ocean is now?


This is a Tenrec. They live in Madagascar. I think they look a bit like a hedgehog. What do you think?
We are going to design our own Tenrec using natural materials that we have found outside. 
An artist called Andy Goldsworthy designs 'land art' below are some pictures.




What materials can you find outside that would help you design a Tenrec? Maybe some twigs, leaves, stones and soil? Go on a 'land art' hunt and see what you can find!


Children live in sorts of different homes all around the world. Watch this video to see just how different some of the homes are. Can you spot the home in Madagascar?


Homes Around the World

Still image for this video

Discuss with your family the home you would love to live in the most.

Would you be brave enough to live at the top of the trees?

Or on the hot sandy desert?

Have a go at making your own home out of your constructing materials. Can you build it on stilts?

How high can you make it?