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In the first half term we learnt all about sound.  This term we are going to think about light.


Watch shadow clip compilation to set the scene:

How does light create shadows?

Choose a sunny day and go outside.  Can you all see your shadow?

Is it always in front of you or behind you?

Can you jump on your shadow or run away from it?

Ask the children where their shadow is, in relation to the sun?  If your back was to the sun where would your shadow be? 

Now stand so that your shadow is in front of you.  Where does your shadow begin?  Is there a gap between you and your shadow?  Can you make your shadow have four arms etc? 

Explain how a shadow is formed- when an object stops/blocks light from passing through.  Does everything stop light passing through it?  Watch BBC class clips-


Draw and cut out a sun.  Place it on a plain piece of paper and draw an object e.g. a tree.  Depending on where you have positioned the sun can you draw it's shadow?  what if the sun is infront of your picture- where will the shadow be?




We have been learning lots about the four families of instruments in the orchestra and the instruments they contain. Hopefully last week you designed your very own musical instrument out of any objects you may have had lying around at home. (The design sheet is still available below if you should need it.)


This week we would love you to have a go at making your instrument. We can't wait to see your creations and don't forget to follow your design! Be as creative as you can and then...get playing!!!

Peter and the Wolf is a symphonic fairy tale for children. It is a musical composition written by a Russian composer Prokofiev in 1936. The narrator tells a children's story, while the orchestra illustrates it.


Use the video

which is the story of Peter and the Wolf and a description of the different instruments of the orchestra used to represent the different characters.


Strings = Peter

Flute = bird

Oboe = duck

Clarinet = cat

Bassoon = grandpa

Timpani = hunters

French horn = Wolf


Complete the worksheet below matching the correct instruments with the characters.


As it will soon be Bonfire Night, have a go at making some of these fun craft activities to help you celebrate!


Nature is all around us and it's beauty can be found everywhere. This week in R.E. we are thinking about how nature makes us feel.

Watch some of the clips about nature on the BBC website and, if you can, go outside and just see what you can see and find. Take time to look and take it in - see how it makes you feel.

Remember to be thoughtful and respectful and to leave things where you find them. Think carefully about moving things in case it is a creature's home. However, you might be able to take things that are no longer living, such as fallen leaves, flower petals or twigs.

Once you have taken time to see how nature makes you feel, print off the Year 1 or Year 2 sheet and write about how the pictures on the sheet make you feel. You will need to print in colour to see the pictures at their best. You can put your own pictures or natural things (like fallen leaves) on the sheet and write about those if you would like to.

If you can't print off the sheet you can talk about your feelings as you go out and find things in nature.