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Can you name your five senses?

Can you describe how you use them?


Your eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue gather information about what is going on around you and then send this information to our brain.  Our brain interprets the information and helps us to understand the world around us.  


What is your favourite smell, sound, taste, feel and sight?


Senses are also important because they warn us about danger.


think about how our senses keep us safe e.g. 

sight- fire/smoke, busy road,

sound- sirens, screaming

touch- heat, sharp objects

taste- poisonous things taste bitter and nasty



make a list of all the things that you can do using your senses.


We are exploring the UK. Watch the video here and then complete the activity. Describe somewhere you have visitied in the UK, draw a picture to show what it was like. Can you point to that place on a map of England?


We are learning about what IT is. Look at the PowerPoint and then complete the activities.