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We have been learning about Alexander Graham Bell - the inventor of the telephone.

What can you remember about his ideas, regarding the telephone, and what he wanted to achieve from his invention? What impact has his invention had on our world today?


We have been learning about LIGHT and considering how artists, such as Van Gogh, have used light to make their paintings shine.

Use the internet to research his painting of the Sunflowers and have a go at trying to recreate your very own.

Maybe you could use paint or pastels or both to achieve a super masterpiece!


We have been learning lots about the four families of instruments in the orchestra and the instruments they contain. We have lots of percussion instruments in school that we have been playing and examining. 

~ Can you remember what the difference is between a tuned and an untuned percussion instrument?

~ What materials are used to make percussion instruments and why?

~ How do the vibrations help to make an interesting sound?

~ Why doesn't a triangle work if you hold the metal frame?


This week we want you to design your own musical instrument out of objects you may have lying around at home.

Maybe a bottle filled with rice could be a shaker or why not try putting elastic bands around a tissue box to make a guitar? Using a balloon and plastic pots can you make your own drum?

Be as creative as you can and then...get playing!!!





Read Giraffes Can’t Dance. or use this link:


The animals think that Gerald can't dance. Sometimes people say 'there is no such word as can't'. What does this mean?

How might Gerald feel when the other animals are laughing and waiting for him to dance? How should they behave instead?

Discuss what the difference is between laughing at someone and laughing with someone.

Have you ever wanted to do something but thought you couldn’t?  Have you ever tried and had success, how did that feel?


Us the sheet below to record your thoughts:

Red: A Crayon's Story.


Everyone everywhere is different and unique. None of us are the same. We all have things we aren't very good at and we all have things we are good at. Sometimes, we just need help to find who we are and what we are good at.


Learn about Red the crayon who isn't sure who he is or what he is good at.

Will he find out who he is or what he is good at? 


Read Red: A Crayon's Story or watch it via the link below to find out...