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We are beginning to identify how the creation story fits into the ' Big Story' of Christianity.


Watch the video to remind yourself of the Creation Story found in the book of Genesis in the Christian Bible.

The Christian Creation Story

Still image for this video

What happened in the Creation story according to the Bible?  Encourage your child to retell the story, using words and actions. 


Create your own paint pot - What are your favourite things in the natural world? What are your families favourite things? What would you include in one of these paint pots and why? 

Draw on the paint pot your favourite thing(s) about our natural world. 

Good Vibrations Science


How do we hear everything around us?  We use our ears!  Now can we use our ears very carefully to try to identify what these sounds are? 

Listen to the sounds in the PowerPoint. What do you think they are? 

When you hear something it is caused by vibrations (object shaking/moving). 



Reception - Cut and Stick worksheet - Which instruments do you have to bang, shake and blow?


Year One - Experiment - Explore a range of objects to identify how long they vibrate for (make a sound for). Time them using a stop watch.  Draw the pictures in order according to length of time we can hear them and write the results underneath.  Does the sound of the object have any influence on how long the object will make a sound?

Reception and Year One Worksheets


Van Gogh


Can you have a go at making your own Van Gogh style painting. Have a look at the power point below to give you some ideas.



Let's take some time to relax and do some cosmic yoga. Watch and join in with the video below. It's all about reaching for the stars which fits in nicely with our Light and Sound topic this term.

Reach For The Stars: Yoga Club (Week 8) | Cosmic Kids

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