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A Lighthouse

What job does a lighthouse do? Why is it needed? 

Can you paint a picture of a lighthouse?

There is some information below.

How Do We Hear?

Remind yourself of some of the experiments we have been completing this term. And think about how we hear.

Watch this short video clip from Miracle on 34th street (sorry! I know it's too early to talk about Christmas!)

The little girl does not have any hearing, she is deaf.  Even though she cannot hear she can still communicate.  How is she communicating?  How do you say thank you in sign language?  Can you use that sign at home throughout the week?

Miracle on 34th Street (1994) deaf girl scene HD.mp4

Still image for this video

Put on a blind fold and a set of head phones. Ask an adult to play a selection of sounds (drum, bells, clap, high/low whistle). Could you hear them? How did it feel to not be able to hear as well as you normally can? Take off the blind fold but leave on the headphones.  Ask your adult to play the sounds again. Did this make a difference. Could you tell what was making the sounds easier or harder? 


Some people wear a hearing aid that makes the sounds louder for them so they can hear better. Does anyone in your family wear a hearing aid? Do you have to speak a certain way or use signs to help them hear better? 


Year Ones: Write about your experience. Can you tell me what hearing aids do? 


Reception: Record your experiment with the blindfold and upload it on to Tapestry.

Where does light come from?  
Work through the very simple power point—Light sources  Through this power point you will begin to identify that the sun, light, torches, candles, flames, etc are sources of light whereas the moon, stars, etc are not.

Can you tell me at least one source of light? 
Think of a source of light and paint a picture of that source of light, e.g. the sun, candle, fire, light, torch, etc. Use the picture cards and power point to help.  
Year 1:
 Can you identify sources of light from a selection?
  Look at the different objects below and choose at least 3 which are sources of light.  Then cut out two objects which are not sources of light and stick them into the correct column on the table.  Label the picture, using your sound knowledge.

Play with a torch to explore light. Can you make it brighter by holding it close to an object?
 Have a go at creating your own fire/sun pictures - use a range of collage materials to make a collage of the sun or fire. Have fun!!

County Competition!

I am delighted to announce our first Virtual event/competition of the Autumn term 2020.

For this competition the children will need to complete a One Mile challenge (run/walk).

Time your run and send your result to your class teacher via


Each class teacher from years 1-6 will be collecting the three best times for boys and girls in each year group. These results will be forwarded on to Mr Plumb our School Games Organiser. 

Children will be completing this One Mile Challenge at school.

If your child is currently isolating and is fit and well enough to join in, please send their best time by the end of the school day on Thursday 22nd October

We don’t want anyone to miss out on this exciting opportunity to take part in a County event.

The best results in the Grantham area will go up against those selected by the other seven School Games Organiser’s as we work towards a County final event.

We only have until Thursday to complete this so get running Barrowby, you’ve got to be in it to win it!


Let's finish with a cosmic yoga to relax. Enjoy!!

Ruby Broom πŸŽƒ | A Halloween Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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