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This Thursday is Bonfire Night. At school we are going to be making Apple Crumble. Watching how our ingredients of butter, flour and sugar can be mixed together and changed forever. I’ve popped some Bonfire recipes below - have a go at some cooking/baking. I’d love to see your results! Year One; email me a photograph. Reception; upload your photograph on to Tapestry.


Let’s have some fun creating our own fireworks. Watch this video clip to inspire your art work. video Here are some great ideas! Don’t forget to send me photographs of your art. (Year One via email and Reception via Tapestry). 


Nature is all around us and it's beauty can be found everywhere. This week in R.E. we are thinking about how nature makes us feel.

Watch some of the clips about nature on the BBC website and, if you can, go outside and just see what you can see and find. Take time to look and take it in - see how it makes you feel.

Remember to be thoughtful and respectful and to leave things where you find them. Think carefully about moving things in case it is a creature's home. However, you might be able to take things that are no longer living, such as fallen leaves, flower petals or twigs. You could take photographs of the things you love.

Once you have taken time to see how nature makes you feel, look at your collection of fallen things and/or you photographs and write about them. What do you like. How does it make you feel? What colours have you found? 



For this exciting lesson you will need: a candle, lantern/light, large shell and 2 rocks

Follow the History of Lights PowerPoint.

Look at the candle and the lantern on these slides. Ask an adult to hold up the shell to demonstrate how people would have used animal fat to fill the shell and then burn for light: this would have been very smelly! And not very pleasant!


Year 1s Cut out the light pictures. Which came first? Which one would we have today?  Glue into the correct place. Remember to glue the pictures in straight and colour them carefully.


Reception: Choose a picture, is it from today or the past? collage the picture, what colour will you use for the light?  Why did you choose the picture: Is it from the past or from today?  What do you use when you go to bed? What lights do you have?


Remember children fire is very dangerous. Never ever play with matches, candles and fire. You will get burnt.