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Watch the video Introduction to light and dark


We are going to have our own investigation and find out which objects are transparent and which objects are opaque. Can you remember what each one means? Transparent is when light can pass through an object. Opaque is when light cannot pass through an object. Let’s see if you can find any transparent objects in your home? Yes, the window is transparent as the light can get through. How about opaque objects? A book is opaque as the light cannot pass through it.


       Year 1s  investigate and find transparent and opaque objects in your house.

Shine a torchlight on the following objects and make a note of what happens:

A glass of water - transparent object

A mug or cup - opaque object

A shiny spoon - reflective object


Record your findings on the sheet provided below


Reception- Move a torch around the objects to see how the light behaves. What objects can the light pass through? What objects does the light not pass through?


Can you take some photos and put them on Tapestry? I would love to see what you found out.




We are going to learn about a different story from the Holy Bible called 'The Lost Son' found in the book of Luke 15.

Have a look at the paintings in this PowerPoint and answer the questions included.

The parable of 'The Lost Son' has been retold in the document below. Please read this to your child and then complete the appropriate worksheet. Once your child has produced their painting depicting what happened, Year Ones - email it to me and Receptions - upload it to Tapestry. 


We have had great fun this term looking at and using different instruments. We loved the shakers and have decided to make our own. Our first job is to find out how we want our shakers to sounds. Have a look at the 'Evaluating a shaker's insides!' document below and have a test. Which items make the best sounds for a shaker? 

Once you have decided what you are putting inside, you need to decide what is going on the outside. 

We want these shakers to have a real purpose so we would like to use them to accompany our Christmas singing. So let's theme our shakers to Christmas! Our shakers will be made out of cardboard tubes.

 Here are some ideas. 

What could we use to make these creations?

Design your own shaker using the design document below.


Don't forget to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. 

Have a go at these fun football skills. They're for the junior children but I think you could have a go!