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Do you remember the Christmas shakers that we have begun to make?

It’s now time to decorate the outside of your shaker to create the character you have designed. What materials are you going to use to create your instrument? How are you going to join them?



Have fun with some Christmas Cosmic Yoga! 




We have been learning lots about light. Work through this PowerPoint and see if you can identify if the objects are a source of light or if they reflect light. 


Have a look around you home. Can you find some sources of light? Can you find an object that reflects light? Write your findings down, draw them or take a photograph.


We have been learning about what Christians think God is like and we have been using parables to help us.  Can you create a thought shower about what Christians believe God is like? E.g. loving, forgiving, etc. 




The Parable of the Lost Son teaches Christians that forgiving others and being forgiven is important.  Is forgiving people only important for Christians, or for other people too?  Can you think of a time when you have forgiven someone?   Is it easy or is it a hard thing to do?


Listen to this song - You Can Hold On


How does it feel when you forgive someone?  How does it feel when you forgive someone?  Why is it sometimes hard to forgive?