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Today we are going to learn a new word.  Algorithm


Watch the following clip.


An algorithm is a set of instructions.  Today we are going to listen to and follow a simple algorithm (set of instructions).


I’ve thought of a super character that I want to share with you but I am not going to let you copy it.  I have already created an algorithm to help you draw it. Can you listen and follow my algorithm?


- Draw a square for the body.

- Draw two eyes.

- Add a nose.

- Draw two ears

- Draw a body.


Can you think of your own algorithm.  Ask your adult to follow it.  What does their character look like? 








Do you remember the Christmas shakers we designed? 

It is time to begin to make them. The first job we are going to do is fill our tubes. You will need to carefully draw around the end of your tube (the circle) on to a piece of card. Cut the circle out 1 cm bigger than your drawing. Do this two times (One for the top and one for the bottom). An adult can help you with this. Now make little snips into this extra centimetre to make tabs all the way round.

Glue and/or tape this card circle to the base of your tube. Now put your noisy filling inside the tube. Glue and/or tape the final card circle to the top of your tube and leave to dry. (We don't want the noisy filling to get stuck to any glue! We will decorate the tubes next week. 



Don't forget to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. 

Have another go at these fun football skills. They're for the junior children but I think you could have a go! 




We have been thinking about what Christians believe God is like.  They believe he is loving and forgiving like a parent.  Can you remember the parable of The Lost Son?  We used this story to help us understand these concepts. 


How do Christians show their love to God?

Encourage your child to think about what happens in collective worship or services at church, e.g. sing songs of praise, go to church, read about God in the Bible, forgive others, help other people, pray and talk to God, etc.  These are all the ways in which Christians show God that they love him. 


Christian Prayer

There are four main types of Christian prayer.  Some prayers show all four, some just one or two.  They are praise, saying sorry, saying thank you and asking for something.  

Let's meet some jelly- baby characters to help us with this concept. 

The Lost Sheep

Watch the short video clip about the parable of The Lost Sheep.  Where do you think the characters would use a Suzy Sorry, Peter Praise, Andrew Ask or Thea Thanks prayer?

The parable of The Lost Sheep

Still image for this video