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This week in Art we will be learning about silhouettes and we will be creating our own sunset silhouettes over two afternoons.  This piece of art will be based on the Wild West!  


Have a look at the pictures below and discuss what a silhouette is.  What colours have been used to create the sunset?  Why have these colours been used?  


Can your child make a sunset, using watercolours?  Can you make the colours bleed into one another?  Model how to use long slow brush strokes and the importance of holding a paintbrush correctly. 


Once your child's sunset background is dry ask your child to begin to create their silhouettes by tearing black paper or cutting Wild West inspired shapes, e.g. cacti ,wagons, horses, etc.  



Today we are going to be explorers and explore the world!  Show the children a globe or google earth, depending on what you have at home.  What can you tell me about the shape of the world? Explain that the world is split into 7 continents and look at them on the map.  Look at the oceans; how many oceans can you spot?  What are they called?  Tell children we are going to do a whistle stop tour of the world. 


Where will we start?  What country are we in currently? Go through the different continents and oceans let your child act out rowing and looking through binoculars.  When cold, get them to act shivering and mime being hot in hot continents.  End your journey in America.  We are looking at America because this is where our topic is based this term.   Discuss the shape and compare to other countries.  What can you tell me about the size of England compared to America?


Now, use the world map worksheet to locate England and America.  Draw a cowboy/cowgirl in America and you in England. 


Remember, it is really important to stay active. Even when you're isolating at home. Get in your garden and have a walk around. How many star jumps can you do in a minute? How high can you jump? Ask an adult to mark it on the wall - can you jump again and reach even higher?


Click here for some mindful cosmic yoga to help you get your mind and body relaxed and ready for your next lesson.