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Religious Education 

What do we already know about God and what God is like for Christians?  Recap learning so far.  Christians believe that God is powerful, creative, loving, forgiving, etc.


Introduce the concept that there are other religions in the world, not just Christianity.  In RE this term we will be learning about a faith called Islam.  Ask the children to repeat the word.  The people who follow this religion are called Muslims.

Muslims believe in one God, just like Christians believe in one God.  Tell the children that they are going to learn about the Muslim God and that His name is Allah.  


Watch the short video clip which begins to identify the attribute of Allah, e.g. Muslims believe that He created the world, Muslims believe that He loves them, Muslims believe He is not like us.  After watching the video clip discuss what you have learned about Allah.


Rec – Give your child playdough.  What can you make with this blob of playdough?  How many things can you make?  Why did you decide to make that? Take photographs and upload directly to Tapestry.


Year 1

Written outcome – What do you know about Allah?  Write three facts in full sentences, using full stops and capital letters (worksheet below)


Design and Technology


This term as part of Design and Technology we will be making wagons that roll!


How can we make things roll? Wheels! Wheels help move things. Imagine a car or a wheelbarrow without wheels.  How would you move the things inside the car or wheelbarrow? You couldn't push them they would be too heavy.  That’s why wheels help to get it moving/rolling.


Watch video (don’t need to read words, just narrate what is happening in the pictures).  Look at the picture: the wheels have been labelled. The wheels are held on by the axle. The axle lets the wheels turn around. Hold up a toy car: see the metal rod...that is the axle its holding the wheels on.

Look at any bikes, scooters or cars that you have in the house. Let your child investigate the wheels on them. Can they find an axle? Tip the bikes carefully upside down. Look at the axles, how are they fixed? Do the axles turn when the wheels turn?


Complete written activity - see below.



We want our school family to come together for the next virtual town competition.

So come on, take part and represent our amazing school!


A series of three Infant Skipping Personal Challenges have been designed in partnership with ‘Dan the Skipping Man’ including some short demo videos, Please have a look at the first Welcome video in the link below – it is only 2 minutes long and explains it all. Then, if you’ve got your rope, get involved and have a look at the other skills videos in the series that explain each challenge and how to skip!


Infant Welcome video – how to and what to do


When your child has had a go, collect their results, they can keep trying to improve their personal best scores with the final scores returned to me by Wednesday 27th January 2021.

What I need to know

  1. Which level of the challenge are you trying to complete? Bronze, Silver or Gold?
  2. Single Bounce - what score did you get? This is the number of bounces in your chosen time.

Double Bounce - what score did you get? How many bounces?

Running on the Spot - what score did you get? How many times did the rope complete a full rotation around you?


Good Luck everyone! Let’s get skipping!


Remember, it is really important to stay active. Even when you're isolating at home. Get in your garden and have a walk around. How many star jumps can you do in a minute? How high can you jump? Ask an adult to mark it on the wall - can you jump again and reach even higher?


Click here for some mindful cosmic yoga to help you get your mind and body relaxed and ready for your next lesson. 


In Music this week we are thinking about beat and tempo.


If you have any instruments in your house now would be the perfect time to get them.  If not, it's time to improvise!  What about a wooden spoon and a pan?  Or you could use you body to make the sounds!  Sorry grown ups; it's about to get noisy! smiley


Chant the following chant...

I've got a drum, what can I do?

I can tap it. Now it's you. 


Invite your child to tap the beat with you.  Once they are able to do this say the chant again.  This time tap a rhythm and ask your child to copy it (keep it simple to start with).  Repeat this a number of times.  Ask them to make their own rhythm and you copy them.  


Now listen to this song - Kye Kye Kule.

Encourage your child to sing the echos of the song with your support.  Model how to keep the steady beat of the song by performing a repeated body movement, e.g. tapping your foot, clapping your hands,etc.

Kye Kye Kule


In Science this term we will be thinking about the Wild West as part of our Wagon's Roll topic.  To start us off can you have a think about what animals and plants need to survive in the desert? 


Receptions and Year 1s complete the worksheet below.