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A few weeks ago we asked you to think about how plants and animals survive in the desert. 

Can you think about what your answers were?  Discuss this with your grown up.


Let's watch a few short clips about some very interesting ways in which plants and animals survive in this climate.  They are fascinating!  The first one is all about cacti.  The second is about bats. 


Planet Earth 05 Deserts Part 10.mp4

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Planet Earth 05 Deserts Part 11.mp4

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Let's recap some of the facts that we have found out...



Reception - Paint/draw a desert scene and write an interesting fact about how plants or animals survive in the desert. 

Year 1s -

Writing - Draw a large cactus and write interesting facts about them inside, e.g. Did you know some cacti can grow to over 12 metres tall. 

Maths link- Can you measure out 12 metres to really understand how big some cacti can grow.  Stand beside it, how many of you would it take to be the same height?



What religion have we been learning about?  What do you know about this religion so far?  With the help of your grown up can you create your own thought shower?  Here is an example. 


Last week we found out about the Qur'an.  What does the Qur’an have inside it?  Today we are going to read a special story from the Qur’an.  What language is the Qur’an written in?  I can’t read Arabic but I do have this special story in English so that I can share it with you.  Please watch the video below.  After you have watched the video, please choose one of the activities to complete. 



Extended writing – retell the creation story.  Can you re-tell the story in the correct sequence? Can you include the key events/

Comparison – Think about the story of Creation in the Bible (we looked at this in the Autumn Term) can you think of any similarities/differences between the Christian creation story and the Islam creation story?  You would discuss this verbally or write about it. 

Art activity – Create an image of creation as told in the Qur’an.  You could use paint or collage, it is up to you.  DO NOT Draw Allah.  In Islam Allah is never depicted and should not be. 


Life Begins

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In Design and Technology this week we are going to make our very own wagons.  This will take two afternoons as you need to allow the wagon to dry between some of the steps.  Here are some examples.


Below you will find a step by step guide about how to make your wagons at home.  We will be following these instructions in school too.  First of all you will need to gather some items from around your house.  You might even need to purchase a few bits and pieces.  


What you will need:

- a cardboard box.

- strong card


-axle (a piece of dowel)

- lolly pop sticks or pipe cleaners.

- A piece of material (we will be using calico in school)

- hole punch


-masking tape



Step by step guide... (hopefully the pictures will help)

1.  With the help of an adult, turn your chosen box inside out and secure with masking tape.  This will allow you to decorate your wagon once you have made it.

2.  Using the strong card (you may need to double up), please make 4 triangles and use the hole punch to put a hole in the middle of each. 

3. Attach these to the bottom of your cardboard box, two on each side.   There is a diagram below to show you.  You need to make sure that the holes opposite each other are in line!  Allow the glue to dry before completing the next steps

4. If you would like to paint your wagons wait until the glue has dried. 

5. Now thread the axle through the holes in the triangles (dowel) and attach the wheels on either side.  At this point your wagon should roll when you push it  Exciting!

6. Next, attach the lolly pop sticks or pipe cleaners to the side of the wagon.  This will be the structure for the canopy.  See the diagram below.

7.  Now attach the fabric to form the canopy.  In school we glue along one side of the wagon and attach the material, then flip it over, glue along the other side of the wagon and attach the material (see diagram below).

8.  Attach a piece of sting to the front so that you can pull your wagon along. Enjoy!


Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster.


Jonathan James always has a Whatif Monster hanging around.  And he always listened to him - what if they giggle? What if it's hard?  What if it's scary?  But, what if, just once, he didn't listen?  What if he told the monster to be quiet?  What if he just...tried.

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster

Still image for this video
It is ok to be unsure about things, to have those what if questions all the time, just like the Whatif Monster in the story.  Everyone has questions, whether you are little or big, younger or older.  It's important to talk to the adults that love you, share your fears and ask those 'what if' questions.  If you have a what if question, why don't you try to do what Jonathan James did at the end of the story...turn it into something positive?


We have been thinking about beat in Music.  Let's play a little game to warm us up.  You will need an instrument, it doesn't matter which one you use.  Ask your grown up to clap out a rhythm, can you copy it on your instrument?  Have a go with as many as you can.  Don't forget that we would love to see your videos. 


Very good copying!  Well done.  Now we are going to play a game which involves keeping the beat.  You've got to keep it steady and it goes something like this... clap, clap, tap, tap, clap, clap, tap, tap. On tap you can tap your knees.  Once you have a steady beat you are going to take it in turns with your grown ups, brother/sisters, family on faceTime to say your name, favourite characters, toys, etc.  The topic is up to you but the idea is to keep the beat steady whilst doing something else at the same time.  Here I am in action.

IMG_0690 (2).MOV

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It is very important to stay active!  We encourage you to go for daily walks, cycle on your bike, scoot on your scooter and play in your garden.  In addition to this, here are your activities for PE this week. 


This half term in PE we have been thinking about balance.  Balancing can be rather difficult.  Have a go at the activities below to develop your static balance skills.  You must do each of these activities on the balls of your feet.  Ready...steady...balance. smiley


Holding on to a wall try the following:

  • Stand on the balls of your feet and try not to put your heels down.

  • Staying on the balls of your feet, shake your hands high/low/quick/slow.

  • Lift your right/left foot off the ground and place it down.

  • Bend your knees/stretch up high.

  • Mirror the movements of a partner who also stands on the balls of their feet.

  • Play Pat a Cake with a partner while on the balls of your feet.

  • Catch and throw a ball while on the balls of your feet.

  • Ask a partner to pass a hoop over your body without touching you, going from head to feet and then feet to head.





Don't forget to take part in the virtual town competition.

The competition has been extended so you have got a few more days to get your best score! 

So come on, take part and represent our amazing school and beat your Personal Best! Remember our school's mantra: 'Personal Best + 1!'

Here's the information again;


A series of three Infant Skipping Personal Challenges have been designed in partnership with ‘Dan the Skipping Man’ including some short demo videos, Please have a look at the first Welcome video in the link below – it is only 2 minutes long and explains it all. Then, if you’ve got your rope, get involved and have a look at the other skills videos in the series that explain each challenge and how to skip!


Infant Welcome video – how to and what to do


When your child has had a go, collect their results, they can keep trying to improve their personal best scores with the final scores returned to me by Wednesday 3rd February 2021.

What I need to know

  1. Which level of the challenge are you trying to complete? Bronze, Silver or Gold?
  2. Single Bounce - what score did you get? This is the number of bounces in your chosen time.

        Double Bounce - what score did you get? How many bounces?

        Running on the Spot - what score did you get? How many times did the rope complete a full rotation

        around you?


Good Luck everyone! Let’s get skipping!