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Woody needs your help!  Work through the Powerpoint below to work out what you need to do. 



Reception: Look at the materials that you have collected. Predict which you think will be the best material and why.  Which material do you think will be the most waterproof?  Put them in order, best to worst.  Now glue your chosen material onto Sherriff Woody’s Umbrella.   Can you record your prediction and upload it to Tapestry for us to see?  Now it is time to carry out our test.  Perhaps start with the least waterproof. Pour on the water.  Is it waterproof? How do you know? Did the water get through? Keep testing each material. Which material(s) were waterproof? What do you notice about this/these materials?


Year 1: Carry out a scientific investigation about which material will be the most effective to keep Woody dry in the rain.  Remember to discuss the importance of only changing one thing - the material.  We can't change more than one thing or it wouldn't be a fair test.   Then complete the sheet below. 

Food technology

As part of English this week you have been making gingerbread dough, cutting out gingerbread cowboys/cowgirls and baking them in the oven.  While they were baking you designed how you would decorate your gingerbread cowboy/cowgirl.  Now is the time to decorate him/her! 


Will your gingerbread cowboy/cowgirl look like your design?  What will you use for the eyes?  What will you use for the mouth? We can't wait to see them!  Happy decorating!!


Reception children please upload pictures of your finished gingerbread cowboys to Tapestry and Year 1 please send pictures to the Reception and Year 1 Teachers email address. 

Decorating gingerbread men...

Still image for this video



This half term in PE we have been thinking about balance.  Balancing can be rather difficult.  Have a look at some of the things that people can do because they worked on their balance skills.  Wow; it certainly is an incentive to get practising, isn't it?!



Last week in PE we started to have a go at the activities below.  These activities will help to develop your static balance skills and your dynamic balance skills.  You must do each of these activities on the balls of your feet. The pdf documents below show three progressing stages. Yellow if the first, getting harder with the green and into the red for the hardest level. What were you able to do last week? Can you progress further this week?



Once you have practised your balancing skills, why don't you join some Jump Start Jonny physical activities to get your hearts racing?  How many can you do and can you keep up?  Here is the link!


What have we learnt about Islam so far?  Can you share all of your knowledge with your grown up?  What do these words mean?  Islam, Muslims, Allah, Qur'an, Arabic and phrophets?   What stories have we read/watched from the Qur'an?  Can you remember the key events? 


Today we are going to watch a story called ‘The Night of the Journey’. 


Please start the clip at 56 seconds.


Please complete the activities below. 


Comprehension – Who were the main characters? What were they doing? Did you recognise any of their names? Why do you recognise them? Where have you heard them before?

Drama - Act out key events from the story of ‘The Night Journey’ in the correct sequence, e.g. travelling to Jerusalem on Al - Buraq.  

Arabic Alphabet - Use the Arabic alphabet to the title of our story today. For an added challenge remember that Arabic is read from right to left.


Today we are going to use Mr Buckridge's Collective Worship to help us in PSHCE.

Please watch it carefully before completing the work below.   

Here is the link...



Mr Buckridge has told us that even through our tongues are small they can have a BIG impact on those around us, either for good or for bad.  At the moment, the world is a little different, how can you show kindness to those around you, whether it be with your actions or the words that you use?  Complete the worksheet below.