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This week we are going to be looking at different materials. Look at the picture below and see if you can spot any materials.

Is there a material that you think has been used a lot? 

I can see lots of things made out of wood. Do you know where wood comes from? It comes from trees.

Can you see the cowboy? He is wearing some fabricOne of the fabrics is called denim. Denim is not grown (natural) like wood, it is man made (made by people). Denim is very strong lasts a very long time.

The cowboy is sitting on a horse. There is a saddle on the horse made from leather. Do you know where leather comes from? It comes from a cow, it is cow skin. Does this make leather natural or man made

Have you spotted the wagon? What do you think the axle would be made out of? Think back to last week's DT investigation. The axle is made out of metal - a very strong material, strong enough to hold up the wagon!


Reception: Now find a selection of objects from around your house and identify what materials have been used to make them, e.g. a bike = metal, plastic, tea towel = fabric, fireplace = brick, jumper = wool, table/chair = wood. 

Once you have found identified the different materials, sort the objects into groups different labeled groups, e.g. wood/metal, etc.

Send me the photos of your findings.


Year Ones: Go for a walk around your house (inside and/or outside) – when you find a material add a sticker to the bar chart below (or draw a tick). Analyse the data: how many did you find of each material? Which material was used the most? The least? Did you find any natural materials? Did you find any man-made materials? Write a sentence(s) about your findings.



Last week we investigated toys and vehicles that have wheels and axles. this week we are in the important planning and prep stage! We are going to be designing our very own wagons! 

What is a wagon for? (Recap previous learning on axles and wheels and carrying loads).


If you can, have a look at a cardboard box. How can this become a wagon? Think about the different possible ideas that they could put on their design especially holding up the fabric cover.

What do you think would make a good axle? Consider and/or look at different ideas - for example; pipe cleaners, dowel rods, toilet roll tube. How will the wheel be fixed? Will it be able to move? Remember it’s got to roll. How will you make the wheel? Can you find any thick card?


Here are some examples of wagons that have been made from similar materials.

Now, design your very own wagon! What colour will it be? Will you use anything to pull it along? (wool, lollypop sticks)

With an adults help: Label your design with the materials you are hoping to use.


When you have finished send me a picture of your labelled design and start collecting the materials you'll need to make sure you are ready to make next week. Exciting!!



It's your second chance to take part in the virtual town competition.

So come on, take part and represent our amazing school and beat your Personal Best! Remember our school's mantra: 'Personal Best + 1!'

Here's the information again;


A series of three Infant Skipping Personal Challenges have been designed in partnership with ‘Dan the Skipping Man’ including some short demo videos, Please have a look at the first Welcome video in the link below – it is only 2 minutes long and explains it all. Then, if you’ve got your rope, get involved and have a look at the other skills videos in the series that explain each challenge and how to skip!


Infant Welcome video – how to and what to do


When your child has had a go, collect their results, they can keep trying to improve their personal best scores with the final scores returned to me by Wednesday 27th January 2021.

What I need to know

  1. Which level of the challenge are you trying to complete? Bronze, Silver or Gold?
  2. Single Bounce - what score did you get? This is the number of bounces in your chosen time.

Double Bounce - what score did you get? How many bounces?

Running on the Spot - what score did you get? How many times did the rope complete a full rotation around you?


Good Luck everyone! Let’s get skipping!


After all that skipping you'll be ready for a lovely stretch and a calm down!

We all think that you are all super stars and are shooting for the moon with all your hard work at home so 

click here to have a yoga adventure on the moon!


What religion did we learn about last week?

Recap the learning from last week and ensure your child is becoming more familiar with the following words: Muslims, Islam and Allah.

What do Muslims believe about God?

Three possible points to remember:

- Do they remember that they call Him Allah?  
- Can they identify that they believe He made the world?  
- Can they identify that He is not the same as God?  Etc.


Create some excitement… (you will need a box, preferably with a lid. Before you show your child; put in hand sanitiser, a pair of gloves and wrap a book in a piece of cloth e.g. a scarf - this book is representing the Qur'an - if you have one, great, if not, have you got a special book that you could use e.g. a bible or a collection of favourite stories, etc).

Place the box in a place that is higher than your child.  And start the discussion:

What could be in here?  Carefully, remove the lid and bring out the hand sanitiser.  Put some on.  Slowly pull out the gloves.  What do you think they are for? What should I do with them?  Put the gloves on slowly, building the excitement.  Tell your child that you can see something else in the box.  It almost looks like a present, it is wrapped in a black (if possible) piece of material. Carefully lift the Qur’an out (or your special book) and explain that you are being so very careful as you don’t know what is in the package! Carefully unwrap the Qur’an and hold it up for your child to see.  

What is it? (If you have a Qur'an ask- What do you think it is for?  What do you notice about this book? The writing is different). (If you do not, explain that you have wrapped this book because it is special to you and your family)

Tell your child that Muslims have a special holy book that they keep wrapped up like this and it has a special name. The Qur’an. 


Why do you think I am wearing gloves to hold this special book?  Why do you think it was wrapped in fabric carefully? Explain that Muslims do not touch or dirty the book, so they wash their hands, wear gloves and clothes. 

Inside the Qur’an, the writing is from right to left instead of left to right.  That is because it is written in a different language, Arabic.  


What is the Christian holy book called? (We learnt about the Bible in the Autumn Term).

The Bible. What does the Bible have in it?  Tell the children that the Qur’an is similar in that it has many special stories in for Muslims, just as the Bible has special stories for Christians.  It also has special messages about how to be respectful and behave. 

Let's think about what we have learnt.

Reception: Can you record what you have learnt and tell me over the video? Do you have anything special at home that you could tell me about? Do you treat it differently to other toys/objects that you have? e.g. I have a special glass penguin that I keep on my mantle piece so I can keep it safe and I can see it every day.


Year 1: What is the Islam holy book?  Can you write about how Muslims show respect for their holy book, what it is called, what can be found inside the holy book, etc. Use the sheet below or paper you have got at home to record your answers. Extension: Do you have anything special at home that you could tell me about? Do you treat it differently to other toys/objects that you have? Record me a message and tell me all about it. 



Let's have some fun cowboys and cowgirls! If you have the iMovie app or a photo Green Screen tool app have a go at transporting yourself into the Wild West! Ask an adult to help you search for a Wild West themed background and upload it into your app.

Now get dressed up and get posing! Will you be a good character like the Sheriff in charge of looking out for any criminals? Will you be the criminal, waiting to jump out and shout - Stop! Give me all your money! 


You are all amazing! You are working super hard and we love to see all the work you send us via email (Year 1) and Tapestry (Reception).

Sometimes it can be hard and we can begin to feel like we can't do our work but we're here to tell you...


You are doing it, you have been putting in the effort and you are doing it brilliantly well. You can not know all the answers yet so we want you to believe in yourselves! Believe in trying hard, believe that you will begin to learn new things and, with lots of hard work and practice, you will get better. So do not forget to get some fresh air, exercise and take time to chill out in your favourite place in your house, have a snuggle on the sofa with a loved one and/or favourite toy and breathe in and out thinking about how well you are doing.

Here is a little song to put a smile on your face and that encourages you to 'Believe in Yourself!'


Believe in Yourself.mp4

Still image for this video