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We want you to make a wanted poster just like the one for the Highway Rat! And Dick Turpin!

So get your best costume on and your fiercest glare and get posing! Once you have your photograph there are two ways you can complete your poster - 1. on paper or 2. on the computer.


1. Print out your photo in black and white or a warm filter and glue it onto a piece of old looking paper. To make your paper look old you could stain it with tea/coffee, use a brown wax crayon to darken the edges or scuff marks and/or rip the edges!

2. Insert your photo in to an editable document e.g. Microsoft Word/Publisher, Paint. Change the background colour to make the poster look old. Position your photo into the centre of your page and you are ready for the text.

Next step for all:

Write or type the word 'WANTED' in large capitals at the top of your poster

Now add your name.

But not any name, your naughty cowboy/girl name! What terrifying last name can you add to your first name?

Here are some ideas:

...The Angry

...The Terrible

...The Scary 

...The Rotten

...The Crazy

...The Kid

You could even add a word before your first name. Here are some more ideas:

One eyed...






Once your name is in place you must decide just how naughty you are! wink

At the bottom of the poster write or type the word 'Reward'.

This needs to be the amount of money the person who captures you would receive. 

laughsurpriseThe higher the reward the naughtier you must have been! surpriselaugh


We would absolutely LOVE to make a class display in school so please send a copy or photograph of your finished poster via email (Yr 1) or Tapestry (Rec) and we'll get them printed and put up! 

We cannot wait to see them! 



This is your last chance to take part in the virtual town competition and send in your results!

The competition has been extended so you have got a few more days to get your best score! 

So come on, take part and represent our amazing school and beat your Personal Best!

Remember our school's motto: 'Personal Best + 1!'

Here's the information again;


A series of three Infant Skipping Personal Challenges have been designed in partnership with ‘Dan the Skipping Man’ including some short demo videos, Please have a look at the first Welcome video in the link below – it is only 2 minutes long and explains it all. Then, if you’ve got your rope, get involved and have a look at the other skills videos in the series that explain each challenge and how to skip!


Infant Welcome video – how to and what to do


When your child has had a go, collect their results, they can keep trying to improve their personal best scores with the final scores returned to me by Wednesday 3rd February 2021.

What I need to know

  1. Which level of the challenge are you trying to complete? Bronze, Silver or Gold?
  2. Single Bounce - what score did you get? This is the number of bounces in your chosen time.

        Double Bounce - what score did you get? How many bounces?

        Running on the Spot - what score did you get? How many times did the rope complete a full rotation

        around you?


Good Luck everyone! Let’s get skipping!


It is very important to stay active!  We also encourage you to go for daily walks, cycle on your bike, scoot on your scooter and play in your garden.  In addition to this, here are your activities for PE this week. 


This half term in PE we have been thinking about balance.  Balancing can be rather difficult.  Have a go at the activities below to develop your static balance skills and your dynamic balance skills.  You must do each of these activities on the balls of your feet. The pdf documents below show three progressing stages. Yellow if the first, getting harder with the green and into the red for the hardest level. Which level can you achieve?  



We have investigated wheels and axles, found out about why they're useful, designed a wagon, thinking about the materials we would like to use and then made the wagon!

Now we need to finish our Design and Technology work this term by evaluating your wonderful wagon!

Complete the sheet below. 


We have been finding out about how plants and animals survive and adapt to live in the desert.

Here is another fascinating creature!

The Kangaroo Rat! 

What are your initial thoughts? Look at those big eyes! 


Let's do a quick recap. Last week we found out:

We also discovered: 


Watch the video below to find out about this new creature! 



How Do Animals Survive in the Desert - Earth Unplugged.mp4

Still image for this video

So now we have all this information, how do plants and animals adapt to live in the desert?  Create a thought shower of all the knowledge you have gained - an adult can scribe and/or draw pictures for you before you do your writing next.

These words and pictures might be able to be useful 'word bank' for your own work.


All– Complete the Kangaroo Rat worksheet. Write key facts about the kangaroo rat and how it adapts to live in the desert. Then, use a range of materials to create a long tail for the kangaroo rat and colour in his face, can you make the rat appear furry?


Monument Valley

Where in the World is Monument Valley? Can you remember where America is on the world map? 

Here is North America, the arrow is pointing at the state of Utah. Monument Valley is on the bottom border (the South) of Utah and the top of the state of Arizona.

If you have access, use Google Earth and search for Monument Valley. You can zoom across to America and see the valley on your screen! You can zoom further in and see more details of the rocks and move the screen across to investigate further. It's amazing! What colour are the rocks? Does the land look the same as the land we can see outside our windows? How is it different?

Watch this video for more amazing views of Monument Valley! You can really picture the cowboy and cowgirls racing across the rocks! Wow! What a view! 


Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park Website.mp4

Still image for this video

The rocks are truly beautiful! But how were they formed? 

It happened over millions of years and began even before the dinosaurs walked the earth! Very, very slowly the ground started to change. But how and why?

Let's experiment!

You will need a jar with a lid, two pieces of chalk and some water. 

Put one piece of chalk in to the jar, the chalk is pretending to be the ground.

Pour in some water, about half full (remember our capacity work!)

Put on the lid - tight! 

The water is going to be the rain but also the ocean! There is no ocean there now but once upon a time water covered the land. This water pushed sand and rock around and started to change the rocks. 

The wind started to blow. Start to shake the the jar. Sometimes it blew really strongly! Can you see and feel the water knocking the chalk about? This is what happened to rocks and the ground under the water. 

Give the jar another big, long shake - the water might have even changed colour and you might not be able to see the chalk anymore. Leave the jar on the side and let it calm down. 

This is when the sun comes out.

Imagine that hot sun drying up all the rain (just like in Incy Wincy Spider).


Once the water is clear, look at the chalk inside the jar. Does it still look the same as the other piece of chalk? What has happened?

The chalk has got smaller. Where is the rest of the chalk? It's in the water as powder - it looks like sand or dust. 

Carefully open the jar and pour out the water, can you see the pieces of chalk dust rolling away, this is what happened to Monument Valley. The rocks and sand stopped rolling when the sun dried up all the water and the rocks hardened into the rocks we can see today. 

So what have we learnt?

The wind blows the rocks, the rain washes the small rock parts away to another part and the sun dries up the water and makes the rock hard again leaving the wonderful high rocks of monument valley.


Year One: Complete the sheet below. Glue on the weather that has changed the rock over time. Write a fact or facts inside the sunshine. You can cut out the 'Monument Valley' as a title for your work. 

Reception: Complete the sheet below by cutting out the three different types of weather that created Monument Valley. Can you remember a fact? Ask an adult to scribe for you. You can cut out the 'Monument Valley' as a title for your work. 


Can you remember the religion we have been learning about? Yes, Islam. 

(Click here to watch and listen to a recap of our learning so far).

Watch the animation below of the story of Yunas, listening to the Arabic.  This story is written in the Qur'an.

The Story of Yunus (ARABIC VERSION).mp4

Still image for this video

What happened in the story?  How do we know?  Did you understand what the narrator was saying?  Why not?  Discuss that it was in a different language.  What language do you think it was?  Can the children remember the word Arabic from previous teaching? Did the images help to create an idea about what was happening?

There is a story in the Christian Bible about this Yunus but in the Bible he is called Jonah. 


Shared reading - If you have your own Children's Bible, read the story of Jonah and the Whale. If you don't I have put a copy below. You could create actions for parts of the story as you go.  


There are many stories of people in the Bible that can be found in the Qur’an.  Jonah is the Prophet Yunus in the Qur’an.  There are many more!

All: Create your own art work representing the stories you have heard. You can use what ever materials you have got at home. The picture above has been created with wax crayons and then a watery paint has been painted over the top to create the sunset sky and the blue ocean.

Year One: What do you think the story teaches Muslims about Allah? (Allah forgives, Allah is loving). 

Write your response on the sheet below. You can glue your response to the back of your art or on the front if there is room or clip it to it. 

Reception:What do you think the story teaches Muslims about Allah? (Allah forgives, Allah is loving). 

An adult can scribe your response on the sheet below. You can glue your response to the back of your art or on the front if there is room or clip it to it.