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Science Assessment


At the beginning of this topic we asked you to think about the following question...

What do plants and animals need to survive in the desert?


You had some fabulous ideas about food, shelter, water, etc  We have since learnt so much more about what they need and how they can survive in the desert.  Complete this activity again (as an assessment) and this time think about the animals that we have learnt about, such as the kangaroo rat and bats.  Also, consider how amazing cactus plants are.  Think about how these magnificent plants/creatures have adapted to survive in the hot, dry climate of the desert. 



Activity (All) - Complete the activity below.  This is a Science assessment so please feel free to scribe for your child.  However, an extra opportunity to practise independent writing would be brilliant. 


In RE, we have been learning about Islam.  What can you tell me about the people who follow Islam, Muslims?  Discuss with your child the knowledge that they already have.  This could be about Allah, the Qur'an, the stories in the Qur'an, Mosques and prayer.  Today we are going to think about why the Qur’an is so very special to Muslims around the world.   Why do you think the Qur'an is special to Muslims?  Let’s find out why it is so special. 


Watch the following video clips... - My life, My Religion, The Qur'an - The Qur'an - a guide for life. - The importance of the Qur'an


Why is the Qur'an special? It tells Muslims how to live a good life. They can use the Qur'an to make good choices and live in the way Allah has taught them.  Here are some of the things that the Qur'an teaches Muslims: 


  • Worship only one God (Allah)
  • Give thanks to Allah
  • Allah rewards good deeds
  • Pray 5 times a day
  • Show respect and love to your parents
  • Show forgiveness to others 


Today we are going to think about showing respect and love to your parents/elders and teachers. Discuss the words love and respect.  What do they mean? How do you show love and respect to your parents/family members? How do you show respect for the adults in school?  How do you show respect for your property and the property of others? 



Reception - Engage in a discussion about the following...How do Muslims know how to live a good life?  Where can they find the information?  What does the Qur’an teach Muslims about respecting their elders? Are they able to identify how they show respect and love for their parents, teachers, loved ones?


Year 1 - A better place worksheet - Muslims follow rules to ensure that they lead a good life.  Write your own set of rules which you think would help to make the world a better place.  For example, perhaps some of your rules could include these ideas...

Always help people. 

Always be kind.

Cherokee Creation Story

We have been learning about the Native Americans.  We have used a short animation as part of English this week that explores how a little boy, Toki had to do what his tribe wanted him to do. 


Today we are going to learn about what the Cherokee tribe believe about creation.  When you watch it, can you consider if there are any similarities or differences between the Christian creation story, the Islam creation story and the Cherokee creation story?


The Cherokee Creation Story

Still image for this video

After watching, discuss...

What have you found out? Is any of it similar to what Christians and Muslims believe about creation?  Or perhaps it is completely different.  When the bird was looking for signs of dry land did that remind you of any stories in the Bible?  Why? The Cherokee’s belief about creation is very different to that of a Christian or a Muslim, does that make it wrong?  Why not? 


Discuss the importance of accepting everyone’s beliefs and just because they are different it does not mean that they are wrong.


Activities –

Art outcome for allPaint a picture of the Cherokee Creation Stork – an island with ropes, the water beetle looking for land, the bird flying to find dry land. What techniques can you use? Perhaps you could use water colour paints to create a background and then use pastels and chalks to create the detail.  Perhaps you could use collage for some of the things.  It is up to you. 


Today we are off to the seaside!

We are working on the following Creative Skills:

In our warm up we're off to the sea! What do you need to pack? Use your imagination to pretend to pack your imaginary bag! 

Let's prepare to swim! Practise all the ways you can move in the water; breaststroke, front crawl, butterfly, etc. Move around your space pretending to swim and stop immediately and 'tread water' when you see a red cone (cushion or paper or T shirt flag)!


One fun activity at the seaside is water skiing! Use the skills cards to help you on your way.

Remember, the Yellow card is the beginning skill, this progresses on to the Green Card and then the Red card is the hardest. Which level are you? 



Yoga and Dance


Click here for some cosmic yoga or here if you would like to exercise with Jump Start Jonny, we just love to move to music!