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What celebrations can you name? Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Harvest, Birthdays, Weddings, etc. Today we are going to find out about some special events that Muslims celebrate.


We are going to learn about Eid.  A very special festival, following Ramadan.  Watch these video clips to find out more about this Islamic festival.  At the top of this page there is a quiz, but continue to scroll down and you will find two videos all about Eid. 



What have you learnt about Eid by watching these video clips?   

Eid is the festival at the end of Ramadan (a month of fasting).


Last week we learnt that Muslims follow special rules in order to live a good life.  Ramadan is a time for Muslims to pray to Allah more than normal. It is also a time of fasting. Fasting is one of the duties of Islam, it is one of the rules that they follow in order to life a good life.  By fasting, Muslims can focus on other aspects of living such as being kind to others. Muslims believe that Muhammad was very generous and kind; especially so during Ramadan. This is a month of giving and caring.  Watch this video clip to give you a little more information about Ramadan. 



What things could Muslims do to be generous and caring during Ramadan?



Year 1 - Written outcome – What is Eid and why is it important to Muslims?  How do you show generosity towards others in your day to day life?

Reception - Verbal outcome– Record for Tapestry - What is Eid and why is it important to Muslims?  How do you show generosity towards others in your day to day life?


How do you think Muslims celebrate at the end of Ramadan?  How do they celebrate Eid – Ul- Fitre?  They spend time with their families, eat special food, give gifts, wear nice clothes, etc.  Does this remind you of any events that you celebrate in your house?  E.g. Christmas, Easter, Birthdays,etc 


We are off to the seaside again! 

We are still working on the following Creative Skills:


Don't forget to pack your bag! What do you need to pack? Use your imagination to pretend to pack your imaginary bag! 

Can you think of any animals that might live in the sea? How might they move? Can you move like one and ask a family member to guess what you are! Swap roles and you can now guess! Will a dolphin move differently to an octopus? Will a shark move differently to a whale? show your adult! Choose four different creatures. Listen to your adult and when they say a sea creature move like it. Repeat with the different creatures! 


Now use the fundamental skills cards below to practise your counter balancing. You will need a partner to help you. You could use these lyrics to the tune or 'Row, Row, Row your Boat' to help you works through the skills cards.


Hold, hold, hold on tight,
Start out very slow.
However bumpy it becomes,
Be careful, don’t let go.


Water, water, water-skis,
Bend and duck down low.
If you wobble very much,
To the sea you’ll go.


Stand, stand on your skis,
Skimming across the sea.
If you see a jellyfish,
Wave and laugh and flee.


Remember, the Yellow card is the beginning skill, this progresses on to the Green Card and then the Red card is the hardest. Which level are you? 



Yoga and Dance


Click here for some cosmic yoga or here if you would like to exercise with Jump Start Jonny, we just love to move to music!