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In PE this week we will be continuing to work on our balancing skills.

These are the skills we are developing starting with yellow, then green and then red. You could even have a go at the next skill level - blue!


Have fun playing the game below!




Music This week Reception hope to perform their Christmas show and Year Ones are practising for their show the week after.

We have been busy, practising the songs for the Christmas Nativity.  It is very exciting!  We have even been learning some sign language! 

Activities - Do you know any Christmas songs?  Perhaps you already know songs like Jingle Bells, Away in a Manger, When Santa got stuck up the chimney, etc.  If you don't it would be lovely to learn these songs so that you can sing them on your return to school.  Do you have any musical instruments?  Perhaps your could accompany your singing and create a performance for your grown ups.  You could even use puppets!  


Design and Technology

As you know, we have been thinking about puppets and we cannot wait to continue to create our own Guatemalan worry puppets this week.  It is going to be very exciting!  We will be using sewing to join the front and back of our worry puppets.  Joining techniques are a very important part of D & T. 

Activity - Can you find different ways to join materials together?  Perhaps you can use glue, or sticky tape, what other techniques can you use?  If you would like to make your worry puppets at home, please get in touch and we can send the pack home with any siblings or leave them at the front office for a member of the household to collect.