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In PE we have been practising our balancing skills. We have used the story of Tilly the Train's Big Day to help us.


Tilly was very excited as this was the first time she would be taking part in the town carnival and, at the end of the day as a treat, they would get to play their favourite game 'Puffing Along'.


As the trains moved out of the shed they sang a song but Tilly found it difficult to move. Something was not quite right!  Hannah, the engineer, asked Tilly to try to move along the tracks forwards and backwards smoothly but she found herself wobbling.  Poor Tilly!


First job...Can you walk forwards and backwards with fluidity, with minimum wobble?


Hannah squirted some oil onto Tilly’s wheels and rods. Then she asked Tilly to move forwards and backwards by lifting the rods between her wheels high. The oil had worked!


Second job...Can you walk fluidly, forwards and backwards, lifting heels up to bottom?


Tilly enjoyed the carnival so much. She proudly chugged forwards and backwards lifting her rods as high as she could. She moved smoothly and hardly wobbled at all. She felt as though she was marching as the brass band played on the station.




You will need all of your dinosaurs again!  If you do not have any toy dinosaurs, please use the fact cards below.  Ask your child to look at the dinosaurs.  Give your child a few minutes to look at the dinosaurs and discuss them.  Encourage them to point out dinosaurs that they recognise.


What dinosaurs can you see on the IWB?   Are there any dinosaurs that you don’t recognise?  Identify that we will find out a little bit more about them later...don’t tell your child their names yet!

Do you notice any similarities between the dinosaurs?  What is the same about some of these dinosaurs?  Some examples might include...  These two have longs necks, some are much smaller, two can fly, etc.  Can you spot anything different about these dinosaurs?  Identify that some dinosaurs have long necks, some have wings, some standing on two legs, etc. 


Activity -   Look at the dinosaurs (images or toys) how could we sort these dinosaurs?  Discuss and share ideas.  Model how to put dinosaurs into different groups, e.g. dinosaur that could fly, dinosaurs with long necks, dinosaurs that are herbivores, etc).  Draw a picture and label it to show how you have chosen to label the dinosaurs.



Design and Technology


Read a moving picture book. After reading the book take special notice about how the pictures move. Do they spin? Move up and down or side to side? How have they made them move? Pull/Push from side to side, push up and pull down, spin, etc.  Which page is your favourite?  Why?



Today we are going to evaluate some existing moving pictures in preparation for making our own.  You will have to think about what you like about them and why, just like we have done together.    You are also going to start your moving pics by painting a wash, ready for extra detail next week. Show the children the different colours we can see in the sky, during different times of the day, e.g. dawn, midday, dusk, night. 



Worksheet - pick your favourite moving picture from the book.  Copy the picture and label which part moves and how, .e.g. up and down.  Write about why it is your favourite moving picture, using your sound knowledge. .

Painting - Create a wash, choosing the correct colours for the type of sky they would like, e.g. dawn, dusk, etc