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Week 2: Wacky Scientists and Interesting Inventions!

Welcome to your theme for the week beginning 30/3/20!


Wacky Scientists and Interesting Inventions!


As you are Year 6, you can interpret this theme however you may want to. You may want to:

  • Make a Scratch project about a chosen Scientist or Invention. 
  • Make a powerpoint about a chosen Scientist or Invention. 
  • Try and re-create their inventions/experiments at home (ask your parents about this one, we don't want anything being blown up!)
  • Make a poster 
  • Make a timeline about interesting inventions throughout the years
  • Make a fact book 
  • Stage a debate between two scientists with opposing views (Try Aristotle and Galileo) 
  • Make a fake Wikipedia page about your scientist and their invention!


Keep your eyes peeled throughout this week, I may have a go at another experiment! Hopefully it will end up more successful than the cake... blush Check Updates from Miss Lees to see how I get on. There are some resources to help you with this week's project underneath here. 


I will continue to update the additional home learning resources for more specific Maths, English and Spelling resources. 


Miss you all!

Miss Lees smiley

Famous Scientists and Inventors Fact Cards

You could make your own fact cards to inform your family!

Famous Inventions of the Last Decade

You could make your own timeline/poster detailing these inventions, or decide to investigate one specific invention. 
Have a look at those common household inventions. Which ones do you think are most important? Justify your answers!