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Week 1: Perseverance!

Hi guys, 

Miss Lees again! I've got a little challenge for you today... I would like you to try something that takes a bit of perseverance.


An example of this may be: 

- A handstand for 10 seconds

- Learn a song off by heart (not the periodic table song!)

- Draw a perfect circle without a compass

- Make a powerpoint about any subject, using all the cool animations!

- Get 99% accuracy on times table rockstars

Any other task that requires a bit of perseverance!


My task today was to teach Louis to sit, give his paw and lay down for a treat. Have a look here at how well we did today... I think we may need to try again tomorrow 


Make sure you send proof of you having a go at your task! Thanks to those children that have already sent an email- I have enjoyed seeing what you have been up to 


Miss Lees