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Week 15: The Arts

Week 15 - The Arts!

In this weeks project we look at a variety of artists and if you would like to you could have a go at some of the art activities inspired by them! We will look at great artists, architects and designers in history such as Paula Rego,  Sonia Boyce and Anish Kapoor. Be creative - do not worry if you don't have the materials and resources at home, use an alternative instead! 

Make a sensory box! Anish Kapoor.

Writing Ideas:

  • Write some questions for one of the artists.
  • Create a fact file about an artist of your choosing.
  • Write a diary entry as though you were the artist on the day you began your first piece of art.
  • BREAKING NEWS! New artist in town... YOU! Create a news article introducing you and what sort of art you would be creating.
  • Advertise a piece of artwork to be sold at an auction in poster format.
  • Take inspiration from one of the pieces of art you have looked at and write a poem to accompany it.