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Week 16: British Artists

Week 16 - British Artists

In this weeks project we will continue to look at a variety of British artists and if you would like to you could have a go at some of the art activities inspired by them! Be creative - do not worry if you don't have the materials and resources at home, use an alternative instead! 


Your annual reports will be coming out at the end of this week and we would usually be asking you to reflect on the year by writing a report back page (I am sure you all remember doing these in previous years!) Instead, if you would like to, we would love to hear about your memories from this year in your own special way. Perhaps you could do a poster of your favourite year 6 memories and tell us what you are looking forward to next year. This is just a fun task if you would like to take part, we would love to see them! Use your learning from this weeks topic to help you present your ideas in an abstract way.

Painting landscape and exploring stories in art - Gainsborough

Exploring portraits and evaluating them inspired by Lucien Freud