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30th March, week 2: Rainbows

Rainbows: The sign of unity 🌈

Here are my rainbows, I'd love to see yours!

Here are some activities for you to try all about rainbows!


What does this mean? What are the colours of the rainbow? What is the rhyme to help us remember the order? 


Why do we get rainbows? Why do we see the colours?


I bet you can find out!



Still image for this video
Try this investigation. Why do you think this happens?

The Rainbow Mountains of Peru

Yes, they're real! Aren't they amazing?


Can YOU... 


  • Create a fact file about the Rainbow Mountains?
  • Find out more about the geographical features of Peru?
  • Find Peru on a map?
  • Write a story about visiting the mountains and describe what you see and how you feel?
  • Write an explorers diary and imagine you're the first person to discover these mountains?
  • Create your own model of the rainbow mountains?
  • Draw or paint a picture of them?

A whole host of Rainbow activities!

Rainbow colouring sheets