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WEEK 3 Easter


Welcome to week 3! This week's theme is 'Easter!' As we head towards our Easter weekend, I thought I would give you some fun Easter ideas that you can have a go at at home.

Terrance and I have had a lot of fun making a short film, with it's own trailer, about going on an Easter Egg Hunt. 
The aim is to bring a smile to your face and hopefully, maybe, even a giggle, we certainly laughed a lot when we were making and editing it! 


Sit back, relax and enjoy...The Easter Egg Hunt!

The Easter Egg Hunt Short Film Trailer

Still image for this video

The Easter Egg Hunt Short Film

Still image for this video
Terrance and Mrs Banfield need to help the Easter Bunny!

I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even inspired you to make up your own story.

Here are some ideas: 

Computing/Understanding the World:

Can you record your own story? I used the app iMovie to create the trailer - if compatible with your home technology, could you have a go at making a trailer? What could have happened to the Easter eggs? Could one of your toys have stolen them?

Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Expressive Arts and Design, English: 

Talk it through with your adult.
Can you write about your favourite part of the short film?

Perhaps you could retell the whole film, think about the beginning, the middle and the end.

Use your phonic knowledge to write the sentences as independently as you can. 

Expressive Arts and Design:

Create your own story board, planning out your story scene by scene. Label your pictures to bring in your English skills. 



Here are some Maths activities for you to have a go at. 

RE, Understanding the World:

Easter is the most important celebration to Christians. Here is a PowerPoint explaining why Christians celebrate Easter.

Physical Development, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design:

My Easter Tree

I have loved being in my garden whilst the sun is shining. I found some branches and decided to paint them with some left-over purple paint. I have used them to create an Easter tree. What do you think? I only had a few eggs to hang so I think I’ll make some pompoms to add to the branches. Could you make your own Easter Tree?


Science, Maths, Understanding the World:

Hot Cross Buns

I also love to bake! I've had a go at baking some Hot Cross Buns, I think I over baked them slightly but they tasted delicious and my house smells amazing! I got the recipe from the BBC Good Food website.

The ingredients have been weighed and are ready to be mixed!

The dough is ready to prove...I hope it rises!

Wow! It has grown so much!

Yum, yum, now for all the fruit and spices. This smells delicious! I'll mix and leave to prove again.

Wow! It really is amazing how the yeast reacts with the other ingredients and makes the dough grow!

Here are the buns, ready and waiting for the cross to be added. Can you remember why there would be a cross at Easter time? 

 Ta da! I am over the moon with these! It took me most of the day but they were so worth it!