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WEEK 4 Space

Week 4 Space!

I love all things space and when I was sitting in my garden last week there was the most amazing moon. It looked larger and brighter than it does most nights and I thought, wow! Just look at that moon, we can see it and it is in space! Space! There it is reflecting the sunlight allowing us to see it. How amazing is that? I’ve had a go at making a moon out of tin foil. Watch the video to see how I created all the craters. (Craters have been made by rocks banging into the moon, some are even there because astronauts have landed on it!) Could you use your artistic skills to create your own moon? (Expressive Arts and Design, Understanding the World, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Science, Art, DT).

Create your own moon!.mp4

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Moon – moon has got a digraph in the middle. A digraph is when two letters make one sound. ‘oo’ Can you make a list of words that have the digraph ‘oo’ in it? Have a look in some of your books, can you spot any other words that you didn’t think of? Be careful though because the digraph ‘oo’ can also make the sound ‘u’ as you can see in the words book and look. How many can you think of and/or find? See how well you can use your phonics.


Understanding the World, Science.

Here is a clip of Britain’s very own astronaut, Tim Peake, blasting off into space on the BBC. Click the link below to watch.


Check out this episode of cbeebies stargazing. It has Britain’s very own astronaut Tim Peake on it. He went into space and sent videos back to Earth so we could see what he was up to. Sometimes he even video called and spoke directly to people! He was calling from space! That is incredible!


English, Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

If you were going into space, what would you take with you? Can you use your phonic knowledge to write your own list? If you have got a printer you could write it on this sheet. If not, design your own!

If you were going into space, what would your space rocket look like? Can you make one? You could use lego, duplo, building blocks, cushions and pillows, tubes and paper and card, chairs and a blanket or even a large cardboard box! 



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I felt like I was blasting into space just like the bear in the story: ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. What could happen if you went into space? I would definitely avoid: ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet’ (by Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher)! No body needs that when you’re on a space adventure! πŸ˜‰ (I’ve found a clip on youtube of James McAvoy reading it if you haven’t got the book at home).

Maths, Science, Geography, Understanding the World.

We can see the moon but it is really far away from the Earth. There is a great explanation on how you can see how far away it is by measuring objects in your own home/garden. Take a look!


You might also want to have a go at measuring different things around the house. Which is the longest? Shortest? Can you estimate how far away one of your toys is from another? Measure to find out how close you were.

Here is another idea, you could draw objects that are a certain size. You don’t have to use paper. Use chalk on the slabs outside, find a leaf that is smaller than 8cm, cut the vegetables for tea smaller than 10 cm.

Physical Development, PE.

Spacious galaxy area

Create an imaginary ‘galaxy’ indoors or outdoors for space-themed games and obstacle courses. Can you bounce across the moon’s surface or float in space? Watch out! Your vast universe is full of meteorites, satellites and flying saucers whizzing back and forth, or even a galaxy of ‘shooting stars’. Use your imagination to create your own active space adventure.

Here’s a piece of artwork I created after I was inspired by my active galaxy of shooting stars game.

Shooting Star Art.mp4

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What ever you are up to I’d love to hear from you!

Reception children, ask your adults to post on Tapestry and Year 1’s email me using our new email address:


It really makes my day to find out about what you are up to! Thank you to those of you who have written to me, sent pictures and even made videos for me to look at. They are fantastic! I am missing you lots.

Take care space cadets! Have lots of fun! 


Mrs B


One last thing…here is one more ‘out of this world’ experiment you could do…

Out of this World Science Experiment.mp4

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