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Week 5 - The Lion King

Welcome to the summer term!


Together, we will be going on an adventure to the unknown depths of Africa. Exploring it's animals and culture! 


Our topic is 'On Safari' - Mrs Webster and I are kicking things off with a journey into the shadow lands with Simba and Nala.


Over this week the topic will begin to explore Lions and the Safari. 


Remember to take a pick'n'mix approach to your learning, taking ideas from a range of tasks and activities to help structure your learning to what you have been enjoying.  


*** Reminder, from the 20th we will be directing extra learning resources towards the BBC Bitesize Website. Where they will be releasing daily lessons to help support learning - (Week 5/Lion King) Week 1 of Bitesize will focus on Year 4/5P Lessons. 


I'm really enjoying seeing what you've been up to at home, keep emailing me and sharing!