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Week 6: The Beautiful Game

The Beautiful Game

Our weekly topic this week is all about football and how things have changed in football over the 20th century! We will be looking at the World Cup and comparing football back in 1945 with football today. Watch our video exploring some different tasks you could have a go at which you will find in the lesson resources section below!


The Football Toilet Roll Challenge

Some of our staff have had a go at the football toilet roll challenge! Send your video over to me at my email address and we will post a new one next week with your videos added on! All you have to do is catch a toilet roll from your left, show off some skills, then throw it to your right! I can't wait to see what you send!

Football Toilet Roll Challenge

To celebrate our Year 5 and 6 weekly topic all about The Beautiful Game, some of the staff decided to take on the Football Toilet Roll Challenge!

Lesson 2 The Great Game

Watch this video for Lesson 2 of the new year 5 and 6 topic 'Lights, Camera, Action'! In this lesson, we learn all about The Great Game - Football and how things have changed over the 20th century.

The Great Game Film

The Beautiful Game Kick Up Challenge

Put your football skills to the test! Have a go and see how many kick ups you can do! You can be creative and use something else if you do not have a football to hand.