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Week 8: The Swinging Sixties!

Welcome to the Swinging Sixties!

This week we are going to be looking at the 1960s and comparing how young people's lives were different in the 60's compared to today! Remember, this term our topic is looking at the leisure and entertainment industry across the years.

The Swinging Sixties Lesson

This week we are learning all about the 1960s!

Sixties Dancing

We all have a go at some sixties dancing!


Have a look at the different bands and artists from the sixties below. Can you compare their music to the music you listen to today? What is similar and what is different? Have a go at researching one of the bands in more detail and see if you can name a couple of their songs.


Yummy! Below are loads of pictures of 60's party food. Do you recognise any from parties you might have today? Do you like any of the food? Use the pictures to help you when planning your own sixties party. Have a go at comparing party food today with party food in the sixties. If you can, you could have a go at making one of the dishes. Remember to send me a picture if you do!


Check out these clothes worn in the sixties! What would you chose to wear if you were going to a party in the sixties? They look a little different to what you wear today! Perhaps you have some old family photo albums at home and can see similar clothes in your relatives photos!