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Week beginning 5th July 2021

Maths - Bar charts.


Gather some post it notes and survey your family.  You can choose whatever categories you want e.g. favourite colour, food etc.  Limit your categories to about 4 or 5.  Find out people's preferences then use the post its to make a big graph on the floor or the table.


Generate statements about the data e.g. more/less, difference between, how many more etc


Letters and Sounds


Please test yourself on this week's spellings.


Also read a book at home.  Make a list of all the ph and wh words what you find.



What is a riddle?


Read riddles– can you guess the creature? 


Read again- can you spot the features below?


Success Criteria:

What is your animal?

How can you describe it without saying what it is?

Can you write at least six clues without telling the name of the animal?

What can you write that will help your friends guess without making it too easy?

Which clues should come first and which later?


Which minibeast could write a riddle about?



Write a minibeast riddle


This term we have been honing our cricket skills.  Can you practise batting and fielding.  If you do not have a cricket bat use a tennis racquet, perhaps.  Practise throwing and catching.  Can you throw accurately overs short/long distances?  Try aiming for a target, imagining that you are trying to hit the stumps!  How many times can you throw and catch without dropping the ball?