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Week Beginning 7th February 2022





This week in phonics we are reviewing the letters of the alphabet and the other phonemes we have been working on this term:


qu   zz    ll     ff      ss    ch     sh    th     ng     nk     ai      ee       igh        oa


Can you hear the sounds in words? Can you match words to their pictures? Use sound talk to sound out the words for your child. e.g. ch-i-p-s (chips). Can your child blend the sounds together and say the word you have sounded out? Repeat with other words. e.g g-a-p (gap), w-a-x (wax), r-i-ng (ring), f-ee-l (feel),

f-r-igh-t (fright). When your child is creating a picture, model how to label it, perhaps your child recognises a letter, do they want to have a go at writing it themselves? Wow! Amazing! 


Reception and Year One:


Please access Oxford Owl to complete your child's phonics reading for this week.  They have been assigned two texts.  Please read these books multiple times this week, practising the segmenting and blending of these sounds in words.  Children should recognise their graphemes in isolation or in words by the end of the week. 

They also need to practise reading the harder to read and spell words on sight, these can be found in the reading books and/or inside your child's blue Reading Record Book.  

Your child should also practise the formation of these graphemes, using a piece of paper and a pencil.  Repetition is extremely important at this point in your child's learning.

Do not forget to also practise those harder to read and spell words listed in your child's Reading Record.

Below is a snakes and ladders game that might be another fun way to practise.



We are continuing to work on number recognition up to 10 and then beyond.  Write out number cards from 1 - 10 and ask your child - 

- Recognise each number

- Put the numbers in order.

- Count out the correct number of objects to match each number.

- Pick a number, add one more.  How many have you got now?  What happens if you take one away?

- Practise forming each number from 1 - 10, using crayons, shaving foam, etc. 

- Play a board game, such as Snakes and Ladders to begin to understand the concept of counting on. 



Remember to stay physically active.  We have been practising balance as part of PE.  Can you balance on a line?  Can you balance on a line whilst lifting one knee high?  Can you balance on a line whilst doing heel kicks?