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During your writing you will be focusing on; spelling, handwriting, punctuation and grammar.

Use resources from each week to help support and improve writing. 


This week you are to chose the type of writing genre; newspaper report, biography, recount, diary entry, instructions - There are many to choose from! 


If you are struggle for ideas you could; 

  • Choose a sport star to write a biography 
  • Write a recount or diary entry of a sporting event you have attended (watching) 
  • Write a recount of diary of a yourself as a sport star at an event (taking part)
  • Write and create a newspaper report of a sporting event (You could watch an event online such a world cup final, Olympics and then write your report on what you have watched) 
  • Can you create a sporty poem? 
  • Can you create instructions/set of rules of how to play a sport? 



Use these ideas to help guide you in your writing... 

Becoming the Commentator... Usain Bolt Wins Olympic 100m Gold | London 2012 Olympic Games

Jamaican Usain Bolt sets a new Olympic record as he retains his 100m Gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics on the 5 August 2012.

Using the video, can you become the commentator?

Think about how excited and fast paced the commentator is... Who is he focusing on?
(TURNING OFF THE SOUND) Can you recreate the commentary for the 100m Final?

You may need to skip the video to the racing.from 5minutes in.