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Wagons Roll


Yee-hah!  Join us on a wild adventure exploring the birth of a nation!  This topic will allow children to discover and imagine what life was like in the Wild West!  They will find out about its inhabitants and how they lived and learn about life in the good old U.S of A!  They will engage in historical discovery by finding out who the Native American Indians were and how they lived their lives. In Geography, the children will learn about the different tribes and what life was like living on the Great Plains.  Linked to their historic research, children will investigate the Native American way of life and how this was disrupted by new settlers and the railroad companies.  Linked to their ‘explanations’ work in English, children find out who cowboys were and what they did, learning about the long drive and what a cowboy's job actually involved.  The children will use this information to write creative job descriptions for cowboys on their imaginary ranch!  Art, Science, Computing and Geography work will be linked as the children explore the landscape and climate of the Great Plains of America, looking at the plants and creatures that can be found there.  Children will develop their design and critical thinking skills in DT by building their very own cowboy stage coach, using tools effectively to create wheels and axels.  The design process links will be linked to their Science work; investigating everyday materials and their uses by choosing a canopy for their stage coach that will be strong and waterproof!   Children will apply their mathematical measuring skills when constructing their stage coaches and further develop their understanding of money and decimal notation as well as measures in the class ‘Cowboy’ role-play opportunities.



Close up your laptop and pack away your iPad because today is a technology free day!

Use this day to get creative, be active and put your practical skills to good use.

If you have not already made your wagon, spend your time having a go at this fun, practical and creative activity. If you have made your wagon, spend some time playing with it.

  • Maybe you could hitch some small horses to the front or find a passenger to have a ride?
  • Take your wagon outside and test it out on different surfaces (grass, gravel, concrete, wood) to explore the effect of friction. Why does it move more easily on some surfaces than others?
  •  Find a small slope or ramp in your garden and let your wagon roll down it. What effect does gravity have on your wagon? Could you find a way to slow it down or speed it up? What will you use to do this?


As today is also World Book Day, why not read some of your favourite stories and books. Get changed into your pyjamas early, make a reading den out of your quilt and snuggle down with a good book!

  • What did you learn from your book?
  • Did you discover any new words?

Whatever you choose today, have fun and be curious about the world around you!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all next week back at school.




If your child is accessing Home Learning please feel free to contact us through:

to share any work completed and we will get back to you in due course.


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