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Year 1 and 2 - Mrs Tinkley and Mr Liversidge

Extinct and Endangered

Journey back in time to a topic, 65 million years in the making.  Come with us on a journey of exploration and investigation to discover all about extinct and endangered creatures.  This topic will encourage children to examine and understand the pre historic and living world which are endlessly fascinating.  Dinosaurs survived for an astounding 160 million years and children will learn about them in a interactive way.  On their journey of discovery, they will learn all about the different pre historic periods and the types of dinosaurs that roamed our very different world.  Dinosaurs were reptiles but very different from reptiles we know today and children will group and classify them according physical features, habitat, and eating habits.  Children will use this knowledge and understanding to stimulate creative writing full of adjectives, synonyms and adventurous noun features to describe these magnificent beasts.  Also, we will investigate their sheer size through Maths and use this special data to solve investigations based on place value and number.  Fossils and prehistoric animals show us that life on earth is always changing  Over time, old species disappear and new ones develop from them.  We will use evolution as a tool to discover what animals today are in danger of becoming extinct if we don’t look after our vulnerable planet.