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Year 1 and 2 - Mrs Tinkley and Mr Liversidge

Light and Sound

Big Brass Band


During this experience, the children will learn about light and sound in the context of the Big Brass Band.  They will embark on a journey of historical enquiry when they are the set the challenge of finding out all about Florence Nightingale, the lady of the lamp.  We will encourage children to become independent learners through the use of information books and exploring the internet for information.  Children will access the topic through a variety of learning styles to encourage personalised learning.  This will include: visual literacy, practical Science, Art and DT activities, listening and responding to the sounds of the orchestra: to inspire work in PE, dance and Music.  Children will enjoy exploring how a range of instruments make sound and will use this information to design and make their musical instruments.

HOME LEARNING week beg 7th December 2020

If your child is accessing 'Home Learning' please feel free to contact us through: to share any work completed and we will get back to you in due course.