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Year 1 and 2 - Mrs Tinkley and Mr Liversidge

Open Your Eyes!


How does your garden grow?  Let us discover the secret world of plants and mini beasts on our doorstep!  We will venture outside and ‘get our hands dirty’, becoming little gardeners with an understanding of how things grow– nurturing seeds into plants and developing a sense of responsibility in caring for them with regular watering, weeding and monitoring.  We will use our wonderful environment to uncover what lurks in the shadows of the sensory garden and wildlife area!  We will become ‘little Scientists’ and go bug hunting to learn about insects and embark on a sensory trail to gather ideas about the colour and texture of our surroundings.    We will use these discoveries to inform our work by recording aspects of: life cycles, gardening instructions, symmetry and pattern, painting and textiles.  We will combine fiction and non fiction and write various narratives charting the information we have learned.  In Music, we will record in a small composition of ‘Birdsong’ using percussion instruments.  Through our historical enquires we will learn about formal Victorian gardens and compare this to how gardens are used today.  Linked to our history work, we will have the opportunity to see an authentic, vintage Penny Farthing—and further explore leisure and past times in the Victorian era.    As a nice ending to our topic we will make a visit Woodside Falconry Centre, to embed and extend our skills and knowledge of our wonderful world and all that lives within it!!


If your child is accessing 'Home Learning' please feel free to contact us through: to share any work completed and we will get back to you in due course.