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Year 1 and 2 - Mrs Tinkley and Mr Liversidge

Looking After Ourselves

How well do you know yourself? Come with us on a journey of exploration and investigation to discover lots about our wonderful bodies. This topic will encourage children to examine and understand what makes us special and unique, whilst celebrating all that is different about each other.  We aim to do this in a fun and exciting way so that children enjoy and are stimulated by their learning, leaving them with a thirst for more knowledge.  On their journey of discovery, they will learn all about bones, internal organs, their senses and how to keep themselves healthy.  They will link these findings to the impact of the work of key historical figures, such as Louis Braille and Alexander Graham Bell.  To reinforce our learning about healthy lifestyles, we shall be finding out about new skills in the kitchen and showing these off on our visit to Pizza Express, where we shall create and enjoy our very own pizzas! The children will use this experience to produce their own instructions and recipes in English for you to follow at home.  Also, in our English lessons we will be immersing ourselves in the stories and books of Julia Donaldson, where we will be using creative language to describe settings and characters. Following this, we will be learning about the language of traditional tales, re-telling through drama .  Throughout this topic we will be applying new mathematical knowledge such as measuring  height and weight.  Our Outdoor classroom will take centre stage as we use it to become active and healthy learners.


If your child is accessing 'Home Learning' please feel free to contact us through: to share any work completed and we will get back to you in due course.