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Year 1 and 2 - Mrs Tinkley and Mr Liversidge

Homes and Habitats


From tadpoles to pond skaters- we’re going pond dipping this term and we hope to catch them all!  We are going to explore pond habitats, find out more about the plants growing by the waterside and investigate the creatures living above and below the surface.  We are going to carry out a pond life survey and take lots of photographs to record our findings.  We are going to explore how to care for our environment, to keep our pond waters crystal clear.  We will look at how creatures use camouflage to ensure their survival in a potentially hostile environment.  In Art, we are going to do observational drawing, experiment with artistic effects using watercolours and use Monet’s  water lilies as a stimulus to inspire our own creative thinking. When we visit the pond we will  listen carefully to the sounds of  nature and use this to create a musical score, using features such as pitch, tempo and duration.  In History, we are going to find all about the Great Fire of London


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