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Year 1 Letters and Sounds

This week we are going to focusing on Common Exception Words.  These are words that you need to be able to spell and read by the end of Year 1. 





Introduce the Common Exception Words - which words can you already read?  Which words can you already spell? 



Speed reading - look at the Common Exception Words and see how many you can read in one minute.



Spelling - Look at the Common Exception Words for Year 1 and spell them.  You can then check to see if you have got them correct!



Writing - Pick 5 Common Exception Words from the list.  Can you write 5 sentences?  They must include one of the Common Exception Words that you have picked, e.g. Do you want to go to the park?



Reading - Can you read the following sentences with the Common Exception Words in?


Can we go to the park?

"Can you skip?" said Mr Light.

Let's go to the shops today.

They will be happy to see you.