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Year 1 Letters and Sounds


Good morning and welcome to another week of home schooling.  We are in this together! smiley

This week we will be learning about CCVC words.

Look at the word below.  Which letters are vowels and which are consonants? Sound each letter out and blend it back together.


Now have a look at the words below.  They are all CCVC words.  Can you read them using your sound knowledge? 

Speed challenge: How many can you read in a minute?



Today we are going to use our sound knowledge to spell CCVC words.  Remember to listen carefully to each sound.  Can you form each letter accurately?  You can use the sheet attached below or feel free to draw the picture and write the word to match.  



Read the following sentences, using segmenting and blending as a reading strategy.  Don't forget that there are some words that you need to read on sight.


The train had to stop in the fog.  

Trisha took a book off the shelf. 

Wilf had sandwiches for lunch.

The plump skunk stinks.


Read the following sentences to your child and ask them to write them, using their phonic knowledge.  Encourage them to take their time and think about each sound in a word.  Afterwards they could draw a picture to match the caption that they have just written. 


Stan put fresh milk in his coffee cup. 

The starfish floats past the seaweed. 

Keep slugs off the flowers. 

Jack brings the frost. 

A clock stood on the wooden cabinet. 



You have worked very hard this week, well done!  You can now read CCVC and CVCC words! smiley

Here is a little game for you to play.  You will need to bring your reading skills with you.