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Year 1 Letters and Sounds

Year 1 Letters and Sounds

Our weekly focus is going to be on Common Exception words. Common exception words are words where the usual spelling rule does not apply. Some of these words are used frequently, so children are introduced to common exception words early on in year 1 and year 2 and are a common feature throughout primary school.

There are several ways that you can help your child to first recognise these words, then to be able to read them and later to be able to spell different common exception words.

Word mats can help your children to remember the key stage 1 common exception words.

Print the list out then you can stick them on the fridge, in the playroom or put them next to a table where your children draw. The more times they can see these words the more likely they are to remember them.

Guess the Word Activity

These fun activities cover the year 1 and year 2 common exception words brilliantly. The outline shows the shape of the words, which can then help children to recognise the word. They then must fill in the missing two letters for each word. This is a great activity to help them to reinforce an essential part of their key stage 1 curriculum.


Follow these links for Common Exception Word games


Have a go at the colouring sheets too. Let a grown-up test you to see if you can recognise your common exception words. Maybe go on a word hunt around your house. When you find and read a word correctly you can colour it in on your sheet.