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Year 1 Letters and Sounds

Year 1 Letters and Sounds


This week our weekly focus in Letters and Sounds is /or/ and /ur/.


Let's have a look at what sounds these digraphs make!




Watch the video links above.  Write the graphemes /or/ and /ur/ in big letters.  Can you use different colours to write over the top and make a rainbow grapheme? 

Can you write the /or/ and /ur/ graphemes and make them decrease in size?  How many times can you write these in one minute? 

These activities allow the children to remember what the sound (phoneme) is and what it looks like (grapheme).



Can you read the following words, using sound talk?

corn, storm, horse, short, fur, turn, curl,  



Recap the /or/ and /ur/ digraphs that you learnt yesterday.


Read the following words, using sound talk, e.g s t or m.

  • storm, corn, cord, form, born, horn, torn, fort, short, sport, porch, torch, scorch, 
  • fur, burst, burn, curl, hurt, surf, turf, church, turnip, Thursday, Saturday.


Pick three words and write three sentences, e.g I went for a surf.  I hurt my arm.



Recap the digraphs taught this week (or and ur)

Use the games on Phonics Play to practise segmenting and blending real and pseudo words.


The children should use sound talk to segment and blend the words.  Can they identify the real and non real words? 


Ask an adult to read these words for you and see if you can use your sound knowledge to spell them.  You would write them in pens, crayons, paint, chalk.  It is completely up to you.  

Anagram- How many words can you make using these letter tiles?  


s  i  /or/  t  p  k  f  m  c  n  a  e