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Year 1 Letters and Sounds

This week in Letters and Sounds the children will be learning the following digraphs: /oi/ and /ow/


Introduce the /oi/ and /oi/ digraph by watching the following clips.  This will help to ensure that your child knows how to say each sound (phoneme) correctly.  


/oi/ -



After watching each clip ask your child to write each digraph down.  Can they write them as big as they can?  As small as they can?  Can they write over them to make a rainbow digraphs?



Use the posters at the top of this page.  Can you remember our new digraphs and the sounds that they make?  Can you use sound talk to read the words? Can you find the word 'crown'?  What will it start with?  What is the final sound that you can hear in the word?



Look at the posters above or rewatch the videos from Monday to revise the digraphs that are being focused on in Letters and Sounds this week.  Your child should now be able to recognise both digraphs and say the corresponding sounds.  


Using phonics play to read a range of real and non real words.  Your child should be actively be encouraged to segment and blend the sounds in the words. 


/oi/ -




Writing - Ask your children to listen to the /oi/ and /ow/ words as you read them from the posters at the top of this page.  Can they use their phonic knowledge to spell the words?  Are they able to use the correct digraphs to represent /oi/ and /ow/?



Can you write sentences that include the following words?  Don't forget to use your neatest handwriting and to use your full stops and capital letters.

- crown

- town

- soil

- spoil