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Year 3 - Mrs Webster

Anglo - Saxons


From around the year 450, Britain came under attack. Boatloads of warriors launched a series of devastating raids on the south and east coast of Britain. These fearsome invaders, namely the Angles and the Saxons, forced tribes of native Britons to flee to the hills. We will learn about how our country became known as England after the Angles and that its people would call themselves the English. We will enjoy investigating about these invasions and new settlements and start to make connections and comparisons with our life today to our past. This will be reflected in our English work, where we will be learning new vocabulary and using it to write adventure stories based on the Beowolf myth, writing letters to record life as an Anglo-Saxon soldier and writing newspaper reports based on an imaginary Anglo-Saxon invasion. In Geography we will be identifying where settlers came from and where they settled in the Saxon period. We will also name and locate physical and human features of the United Kingdom we know today. DT will offer us an opportunity to practise our research, design and creative skills as we make an Anglo-Saxon purse or wallet. We will learn how to join materials together with a variety of stitches and evaluate our successes and setbacks. In Music we will be learning how to create a graphic score, experimenting with musical notations and melodic patterns. We will compose a short instrumental piece of music to depict a battle and enjoy performing it to an audience.



Anglo-Saxon Antics!

Homework in Year 3: Spelling Jotters

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Just Be You!

All the staff at Barrowby Church of England Primary School have come together to perform to the song 'Just Be You'.

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