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Year 3 - Mrs Webster

Welcome to Year 3

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Summer Term


Putting on the Blitz

In this final term of Year 3 we will be focusing on what life was like for children in the Second World War and why the war happened.     We will consider the lives of a range of people including soldiers, evacuees and families and consider how life in war time Britain affected everyday life. We will be exploring this from an historical, geographical and human view point and throughout this term the children will be encouraged to show empathy towards others and develop a greater understanding of why modern day events, such as Poppy Day /Memorial Day are still so important. In RE we will be learning about Judaism and alongside this considering the impact of the persecution of the Jews, using Anne Frank’s dairy and other primary evidence to build up our understanding.

We will be embracing the Dig for Victory and Make Day and Mend spirit by growing vegetables in the garden patch and learning how to make basic clothes and patterns in DT.

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Taj Mahal Tour Guides!

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States of Matter


Watch our films to see what we understand about this scientific term.


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Where does rain come from?

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In Science we set up an investigation to explore the question of where rain comes from. Watch this amazing time lapse video!

Children in Need! Non-uniform day for Pudsey.

Useful Documents

E-Safety Presentation

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Please note:  10 seconds pause between slides.