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Year 4 - Mrs Ward

Year 4 - Mrs Ward

Our Autumn Term Topic is...


The Stone Age!

Throughout this term we will be travelling back in time, all the way to the Stone Age! Our learning will transport us through the three key eras of prehistoric Britain - the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. We shall be discovering all about the first humans to arrive in Britain, and through our History work, discovering how they lived, what they ate and how technology and tools developed over time. In English, we will be imagining life as a Stone Age nomad, documenting a day in the life of a Stone Age person through our diaries before comparing these to the lives of those living in the Iron Age. We will also be conducting our own research on Stonehenge, considering how and why it was built in our non-chronological reports. As part of this research, we will be investigating how friction would have made the task of transporting the rocks rather difficult, and considering what materials would make this task the easiest. Our DT, Art and Music will all be inspired by our ancestors as we aim to create our own cave art, Stone Age compositions and roundhouses. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about our beginnings and inspire our work across the curriculum.