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Year 6 - Miss Lees

                              Welcome to Year 6!


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One of the most vibrant and popular cities in the world, London has something for everyone! Throughout this topic, the children will delve deeper into what makes our capital city so unique and diverse. A myriad of topics will be covered, from culture to history and art to architecture, this exciting topic is sure to inspire! Year 6’s learning will culminate in a cultural visit to the capital itself, allowing the children to experience first hand what they have been learning about, as well as enjoying a visit to the theatre to watch ‘School of Rock’. In addition to learning about this fantastic city, both year 5 and 6  children will make direct comparisons with areas of America. We will study similarities and differences between geographical features and every day life of London and differing capitals. As the year 6 children near the end of their time at Barrowby School, we will begin to think about preparations for secondary school throughout our PSHE work, in order to ensure a smooth transition.  Both year 5 and 6 will put our DT and performing art skills to good use, all of the children will be involved in preparing, planning and delivering a production. We hope you are able to join us for these special occasions. . 

School Daze Songs!

Here are the songs for our end of year performance. Feel free to listen along and learn the songs!


08 One Day At A Time - with vocals.mp3

07 Parental Consultation Evening - with vocals.mp3

06 A Touch Of Lipstick - with vocals.mp3

05 The Nits Blues - with vocals.mp3

04 It's Nearly Time - with vocals.mp3

03 ATTITUDE - with vocals.mp3

02 Teachers Have It Easy - with vocals.mp3

01 Old School Days - with vocals.mp3