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Year 6 - Miss Lees and Miss Swatton

The Egyptians!

Ancient Egypt provides one of the longest continuous records of a great civilization and through our ‘Ancient Egyptians’ topic, you will explore what it was like to live in the Ancient Egyptian times, as well as making comparisons with life in Egypt today. This creative topic will allow you to learn about this fascinating culture, that left behind the great pyramids, the Sphinx, and one of the first written languages. Furthermore, you will explore the process of mummification, write your own Egyptian adventure stories and design and create an informative website about this amazing country! To help you on your way to becoming Egyptologists, you will engage with this topic in a variety of ways. Digital Media, Art, handling historic artefacts and using ICT, are some of the methods that will be used to support the your learning. We will encourage you to foster an independent learning style, as you will be given the opportunity to carry out independent research and also work in small groups. 


Daily Online Lessons:

If you are self-isolating you should attempt either the BBC Bitesize English and Maths lessons, or the Oak National Academy lessons each day, just to keep you 'school brain' ticking over! This will ensure you are ready when you come back to school laugh

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