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Year 6 - Miss Lees

To Infinity and Beyond!
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The awe and wonder of space will be an exciting stimulus this term.  Whether it be the reality of the number of stars in the universe or aliens setting up shop on a ’new’ planet the children will acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of space and the universe. The children will apply their learning to real life situations through the use of planets sizes, weight and other key facts and what life is like for an astronaut flying in zero-gravity.  Through using a range of researching materials including, books and the internet, children will be allowed to find the answers to their own questions as well as class based tasks.  The children will experience the excitement  of the first man landing on the moon,  as well as trying to imagine what life would be like inside a rocket, through the use of their imagination to strengthen their understanding and enjoyment of learning.  To really appreciate the beauty of space, the children will be encouraged to produce a range of  creative pieces, through a variety of medias such as ICT, Art and Design Technology.  The topic will be brought to life through the use of sound and video clips, vibrant displays, music and themed days to engage and inspired the children in their learning. To infinity and beyond!