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Year One Letters and Sounds


Today we are going to be learning a new way to write the /igh/ sound. 

Watch this video of Mr Thorne to introduce the new spelling. 


So off she went to find something around the house to find something featuring.../ie/

What can you find around your house?  Can you draw a picture of each thing and write the word to match, using your phonic knowledge?  Once you have done that please have a go at reading these words, using segmenting and blending as a reading strategy.  smiley



What sound did we think about yesterday?  Can you remember the new spelling? 

Which two letters did you need?  Have you remembered that they are special friends and that when they are together they make one sound?


Today, read the postcard carefully and look for all of the /ie/ words.  Can you underline each one and see how many you can find?  Good luck!


What digraph have we been thinking about this week?  What does it look like?  Can you think of a word with that spelling in?  Well done!  Now it's time to learn a new way to spell /ee/. 

Watch this Mr Thorne video to help you. 


So off she went around the house to find something featuring.../ea/

What can you find around your house with the /ea/ sounds in it?  Can you write a list?  Do they all use the /ea/ spelling?  Ask your grown up for help. 


Once you have completed that please complete the worksheet below. 


We have been learning the /ea/ grapheme.  Can you remember any words that use that spelling?  Well done!

Now, it's time to practise your reading!   Have a go at the sheet below.


You can been working hard and should now be able to recognise these two graphemes: /ea/ and /ie/.

Use Phonics Play to practise segmenting and blending words with these in.  Please pick Phase 5 to find words with these graphemes in.  Have fun!