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Year One Letters and Sounds


blew, screw, stew, grew, drew, toe, doe, foe, goes, heroes,


We are going to learn a new grapheme today (a grapheme is how a sound is represented with letters).  Today we will be looking at /ew/.  Click here to watch the following video with Mr Thorne.


Here are some /ew/ activities for you to complete. 

Handwriting - Use rainbow writing to write /ew/.   Remember this is when you write it in one colour and go over it in another colour and another colour and so on. 

Reading - Segment and blend the sounds in the Roll and Read game below.  You roll a dice and if it lands on number one you read the first word in that line and colour it in.  Your partner then has a turn, using a different colour.  Repeat until you read all of the words.  


What grapheme did we learn yesterday? Where would you find it in a word?  Can you identify the rule for when the /ew/ spelling? Use the poster to help you.  



The /ew/ sound is usually found at the end of a words.  However, there are some expectations. 


Activity -

Complete the worksheet below.  For the Phoneme Spotter worksheet, underline or highlight all of the /ew/ words.  


Today we are going to learn another new grapheme.  Remember a grapheme is the way a sound looks. Our grapheme today has two letters but makes one sound.  Watch this Alphablocks episode to explore our new grapheme and the sound it makes.   Then, complete the /oe/ worksheet below. 


We have been learning the /oe/ sound this week.  Have a go at finding the /oe/ words in the word search.  As well as finding them, use your segmenting and blending skills to read them.   

Then, complete the Foes and Heroes game.


Today it is our spelling test.  Once you have completed your test, use a game from Phonics Play to consolidate your learning from this week.  Please feel free to practise any of the graphemes that we have been learning.